Dear Gekko people...

Kindly take your insurance company and put it where the sun does NOT shine. I decided that I wanted to see if I could save some money on insurance and since I constantly see your adds on TV spouting how you can save me 10 to 15% or more, I found your web site to get a quote.

After about an hour of page after page of bull shit info you claim to need, I got to the quote page. WTF!!! You said you would SAVE me money? What do you call your quote? Right at this time with my present company, insuring 3 cars, one with full coverage and 2 with liability only, I pay right about $1050.00 for 6 months. (2 kids under 25 but no accidents). Your “save me 15%” quote was $2159.00 every 6 months!!! Sure, I would be just happy as a clam to spend $1100+ MORE every 6 months for the exact same coverage. Where in the fuck do I sign up? :rolleyes:

If that wasn’t enough to just make my day, today, in the mail, I got a letter from your office telling me that you were sorry but you can’t insure me right now due to negative information on my credit report. Well, Mr. Gekko Man, just who in the fuck gave you permission to check my credit? Where did I even say I wanted to get insurance from your “save me money” company? If you sent me a quote now that said you could insure me for 15 bucks a month, I’d tell you to stick it in your ass. Sideways. I will not do business with a company that does business like you do.

Bite me.

[sub]I know, I know, 5.0 or less because of very little profanity. But considering I don’t use that much of it…[/sub]

You obviously didn’t pay much attention to those commercials before calling them up. The company is “Geiko, not to be confused with gecko.” Anyway, they said they could save you (the generic you) up to 15%, not that they would beyond any doubt save everyone 15%.

True, but over twice as much?

Couple that with the fact that my daughter just paid over $1000 to have 2 simple tooth extractions done makes me believe that I am in the wrong businesses. I should have been an insurance salesman or a dentist.

A buddy of mine called 'em one time to see what kind of rates he could get from them. They were about 15% less than what he was paying, but the coverage was also less than what he was getting. When he pointed this out to the guy on the other end of the phone his response was, “Well, sir, you’re over insured.” HA! My buddy had no fancy coverage or anything like that. He told the guy thanks, but no thanks.

For two simple[extractions? This seems kind of pricey? Was there anesthetic gas involved?

You know, when I opened this thread, I thought it was going to be about people who were like Gordon Gekko, and it was going to be an anti-greedy people rant…

It’s my understanding that Geico specializes in providing insurance cheaply to the . . . ummm . . . poorer insurance risks among us.

If you have a long history of accidents and traffic violations, Geico will likely save you money. OTOH, if you’re Joe Normal, they won’t.

Of course, if you have an exceptional record, go see the folks at Pemco. They specialize in the best drivers, and have fantastic rates if you haven’t had an accident or a ticket in a decade.

oh. i thought i’d got me a pit thread. :frowning:

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