Dear God, thank you for not electing Sarah Palin

Watch Bill O try to spin Sarah Palin’s breathtaking ignorance as a good thing.

Sarah Palin couldn’t name the countries in North America. Didn’t know Africa was a continent — thought South Africa was just the southern part of the country of Africa. Bill O’Reilly thinks that $40,000 of clothes for Todd Palin is “nit-picking.” Palin refuses debate prep for Couric interview.


How is that… how is that possible? I mean, like many others, I saw her as unprepared for the Presidency and an amusingly poor on-her-feet interviewee, but she never struck me as quite so buffoonishly, oustandingly ignorant. I assumed she had baseline competence; not ready for the highest office in the land, but still reasonably well-educated. I mean, she was a Governor and all that. She’s not… I mean… wha-buzzah?

I guess I need to see some hard evidence, because this is still kind of dubious. It may just be an overinterpretation of some small misspeak or brain-fart.

I’m John McCain, and I approve this message.

(No, of course I’m not, but he’s gotta be realizing that he dodged a bullet there. I’m sure he’s very disappointed and all that he’s not going to be President, but I seriously doubt that he’s regretting missing the opportunity to work closely with Sarah Palin. His handlers were probably developing staffing plans that involved keeping her locked up in the Naval Observatory and only letting her out for fundraisers with the base.)

I feel much safer with Palin in Alaska watching for Putin to poke his head up and fly into Alaskan airspace. I’m sleeping better now.

Oddly, Morgenstern, I feel a lot less safe. Now Putin knows what a vacuous ninny she is.

I think you are underestimating how stupid most people are. There are people who don’t know that New Mexico is a state or that Japan and China are different countries. I know a teacher who thinks that Japanese people have a genetic trait that made them unable to pronounce "R"s.

Incredible. I suppose this could just be staffers engaging in some back-biting, but this is being reported by Fox News!

I have a hard time believing the stuff that was being reported in that link, and I say this as someone profoundly unimpressed with Palin. How on earth can anyone who reads all the magazines not know which countries are party to NAFTA? It’s not like it’s a long list.

Yea, I was totally unimpressed with Palin, but even I have trouble believing quite that level of ignorance from her. I think someone’s just got an ax to grind.

On the plus side, if she really is that dumb, there’s no way in hell she’ll get anywhere near the WH in the future.

I understand that people in general can be astonishingly ignorant in various ways. But I’m not talking about people in general; I’m talking about Sarah Palin.

As opposed to a guy who looks into his eyes and sees…not a former KGB head?

Maybe, but if so, they fooled Carl Cameron. From the OP’s link:

“I looked into his eyes and I saw N… P… R.”

There are species of bread mold that have fooled Carl Cameron.

The type of bread mold that say “I can see Russian dressing from my house!”?

God, Bill O defended her valiantly though, didn’t he?

Can you imagine if Joe Biden didn’t know Africa was a continent?
I shudder to think the level of hypocrisy had that been the case.

I am so glad that stupid, nasty, hateful bitch is out of my face, I’m almost happier about that than I am about Obama actually winning.

So either she really is as stupid as I, and others, have always maintained (gratifying if a bit frightening to learn). Or the GOP has already decided, “Fuck the bitch. She’s going under the bus!” In which case, we’ll probably see a steady supply of these sorts of stories. Either way, we’re winners.

My thoughts exactly.

Why can’t it be both?
BTW for those enjoying the Palin meltdown as much as I am, stay tuned to Andrew Sullivan’s blog. Quoting Andrew:

I’m Lovin’ It™. :smiley:

Shayna, I said the same thing, but I was told to grow up in this thread.

(Also because I thought the boos about the mention of Obama in McCain’s concession speech were sore losing.)