Dear NFL: Whaddaya mean, we don't get to watch the OT?

I’m down in the Tampa area with the in-laws, and my FIL were watching the end of the Redskins-Rams game on Fox. The game was tied at the end of regulation, and we saw the coin toss to decide who got the ball first in OT. And then…back to Sportscenter, where we’re told that, by NFL rules, they can’t show us any of the game that transpires after 4:15pm.


We get to see all of regulation, but not the overtime? How fucked is that?? In what alternate universe does this make any kind of sense?? I’m flummoxed.

All I can say is, that’s one goddamned stupid rule. :mad:

That must be a new rule, because the policy since 1968 is to show the game in its entirety (aka the “Heidi Rule”). From Wiki:

Ah, I missed the part where you are in Tampa. That rule does not apply to games outside the local market, so you’re unfortunately SOL.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about it:

In other words, it’s because there’s a game in that market that needs to be shown at 4:15 that has precedence over Redskins-Rams, neither of whom are local teams.

The policy is to show the scheduled game in its entirety, but if it switches over to other games not being shown in the region, not to show them past the timeslot. So, if he were in the Washington or St. Louis market, he would have seen the overtime, but being in the Tampa market, he couldn’t.

Indeed. Suppose the game between Tampa and Cleveland was on (and Cleveland is the home team, so blackout rules do not apply). Do you really expect the local affliliate to show a St Louis vs Washington game? Washington is 5-9 and STL is 6-8…(before STL won today)

Actually, if he was in the St. Louis market, he wouldn’t have seen it at all, because the %#(% fans couldn’t sell out the #)#@)*% Edward Jones Dome.

(I’m not a huge fan, but would have liked to see it on TV. I couldn’t go because I had to work too close to the end of the game to risk buying tickets and not making it to work on time…)

One of the good things about being in the Green Bay market is all games (except NFL network and ESPN) are televised on local TV, as Lambeau Field always sells out.

Same with the Giants. And it’s all games, btw. The ESPN and NFL Network games are simulcast on free tv in the local markets.

Actually, Tampa and Cleveland was the early game - not sure whether it was on Fox or the other channel. But it was over by then.

To summarize: Channel 1 is showing a 1pm game and a 4pm game. Channel 2 is showing a 1pm game, but shifts over to the tail end of another game when its 1pm game ends early enough to do so. But because Channel 1 has the late game, Channel 2 can’t show any of the second early game after the last drive that began before 4:15, because it might deprive Channel 1 of its audience.

I agree that it’s the rule, and that, as Doors said, I’m SOL. But I still think it’s a dumb rule. While the late game will always benefit at the expense of the channel showing the early game only, that will be one channel some of the time, and the other channel some of the time; it’ll balance out, revenue-wise. But showing part of the end of a game, and not being able to show it all the way to the end, strikes me as just plain dumb.

Without even the excuse of “Heidi,” either.

This has come up before, and I still think anybody bitching about it should just volunteer to field the phone calls and the local TV station where they are, when the phone calls start to flood in because the game featuring the local team isn’t playing from the opening kick off.

There was no late game on that channel, just whatever their Sports Center program was. No viewer would have been deprived of anything except a roundup of the 1pm games. The other network would have been deprived of some viewers, but over time, that would be a wash.

If one TV station is showing both a 1pm and a 4:15pm game, it’s obvious that they aren’t going to go to ‘bonus’ coverage in the first place; they’ll just barely have time to squeeze in some highlights of the other 1pm games, and have a brief intro to the 4:15pm game before its kickoff. This issue is strictly about the station that only gets to show the early game that Sunday.