Dear ‘pet psychic’

I had a cat once who knew what word I was going to read next when I was reading the paper and put his paw on it every time.

To be honest, I think these psychics actually do believe in themselves and really do believe they can help you. It’s sad :frowning:

What would be awesome would be to find Nimitz and THEN call the psychic and ask how the cat is.

Sure did.

The reply included the words: ‘Frauds’ ‘advantage’ ‘misfortune’ and ‘puke’. 'Twas cathartic.

No, as I said, I have no solid evidence, just suspicions. We have a street party in a few weeks and neighbour can’t hold his booze. May get something out of him then. If I can in front of witnesses then the police & RSPCA will get calls.

That would be ideal :slight_smile:

I can just imagine the reading this jerk would give:

“Your cat is well but misses his home. He is near a drain pipe or grassed area with some trees.” :rolleyes:

… There’s a lot of noise nearby that he doesn’t understand, and it smells bad. Maybe a road? He’s worried because he knows your kid misses him.


Hope your cat shows up no worse but maybe a bit wiser for the wear.

Woah!! I had no idea we had such amazing pet psychics right here on the dope!!! Can you tell me what my cat is thinking right now??

Your cat is currently contemplating the predator/prey cycle and its place in the universe, as echoed in Brahm’s second symphony. And is plotting how to get your attention for skritches.

Go ahead, prove me wrong. :smiley:

If “puke” was the only four-letter word in your reply, then I admire your self-control

I saw one of these shows…once…it was hilarious! The “pet psychic” was this wacky Englishwoman, who told the owner of the deceased cat, something like this:
“Fluffy wants you to know that he is very happy, and he doesn’t want you to worry about him”
Worth $300, yes?:cool:

Spend the 300 bucks (much less actually) getting your pet microchipped. I paid 25 bucks for Bentley when I adopted him.

Maybe we should combine our efforts. I’m currently in the development phase of a project to provide unlimited power.

This will be accomplished by utilizing the dual laws that cats always land on their feet and toast always lands buttered side down. The cat will be outfitted with a harness that will hold a piece of toast. Once dropped the conflicting rules will cause the cat/toast assembly to hover in midair rapidly spinning. Add a set of magnets to the sides of the harness and copper coils to either side and Voilà: unlimited free power.

Aside from food and anti-nausea meds for the cat that is.

And the ring shaped litter box.

This needs to be KickStarted, asap!! Energy Forever!!
Cat-lytic Converters, perhaps?

The cat in question has been safely recovered, incidentally.

On the plus side, you can do whatever you like to them; they don’t feel pain like humans do.

And even better, they don’t see it coming. :smiley:

Normally I know Sequential Thread Titles go into the MPSIMS thread for them; but I can’t help smirking a little whenever I open the BBQ Pit and see:
Dear ‘pet psychic’
For the lava god, you dumb bitch…**
<flings ‘psychic’ into volcano>* It just seems so appropriate.

Great. Now skin the troublemaking bastard. :dubious:

Not much of a market for psychic skins I’m afraid.