Dear Phred Phelps: Phuck oph, phartknocker

Yes, Phelps is at it again. I know he’s probably the most pitted person in the world, but it never hurts to once again rant about this idiotic son of a bitch.

This time he is picketing a high school, the one where the football team sodomized a bunch of other students with broomsticks, and various other stuff. Ol’ Phred apparently thinks this is a valid reason to picket the school. The link above explains it, though reading made me want to cut my skull open and scrub my brain with a Brillo pad.

Makes me wonder what the football team will do with Phelps. Excuse, the phootball team.


I think it is a valid reason!

How bout we shoot BOTH of them at dawn?

Why are these flyers always poorly-scanned and off-center? One would assume that they were originally created on a computer, what’s so hard about converting straight to PDF or HTML instead of printing, scanning, and converting to PDF?

I think the OP was wondering “Why picket the whole school for the actions of a small segment of it?”

One has to remember, Phred doesn’t need a reason to picket. Just knowing there would be a lot of people at an event, or that the Phelps presence would stir things up, is enough. They were at my church again today, about eight or nine of them. Warming up, I suspect, for the upcoming consecration(in about a week and a half) of the new bishop of our diocese. No, I’m not in New Hampshire, I’m in Phred’s home, Topeka. But we are getting a new bishop too, and are much closer than the East Coast.

I don’t know who this guy is, but whoever he is, is he who he is?

Poorly scanned and off center.
I think that sums things up pretty good here.

My guess is they weren’t created on a computer, but probably on some old typesetting setup.

I hope he leaves his brain to science.

“Sodomite death dance”??

This Phred Phelps has some notoriety, yes?
(Am rather out of the loop here in Singapore.)

Eh, more noise than heat. Fred Phelps is a Baptist “minister” (I put that in quotes, because as far as I know, he doesn’t have formal theological training), who got convinced that homosexualilty is the biggest danger to the universe, and that the US is controlled by gay people. He mainly goes around picketing the funerals of people who died of AIDS, but he’ll picket anybody for attention. He’s even picketed Trent Lott and Strom Thurmond, neither of whom are or were particularly gay friendly, because they were too gay friendly for him. (I think they voted to confirm a district court judge or something who was a lesbian). Anyway, needless to say, Fred is a pretty marginal figure in American life, even among homophobes and anti-gay people. (Jerry Fallwell even is on record as saying Phelps is a crazy, hateful old man)

Just so you know, our own Cosmopolitan, a proud alumna of Mephan H.S., mentioned this a few days ago