Fred Phelps in San Francisco?

Mr. “God Hates Fags” is coming to SF to picket Glide Memorial Church and once again attack Randy Shilts. Some quotes:

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I am too upset to even rant properly… this man is beyond sick. Some locals are planning a response… any Bay Area Dopers want to meet me?

If I FedX some overripe tomatoes to you, will you throw them at this putz?

If I FedEx you some rocks will you throw them too?

If I FedEx you some grenades… no, nevermind.
Mr. Phelps visited us here in Cincinnatti after P&G decided to drop Dr. Laura because of her unfriendly judgemental nature. I got to watch the “protest” from P&G HQ. The protest consisted of three or four of Fred’s family members waving hateful signs about until the press showed up. As soon as the cameras left, Phelps left. Most of the P&G employees waved goodbye. They just didn’t take Phelps seriously as a person. As horrible as the things Phelps says are… he’s clearly nuts.

It’s one thing to morally disapprove of another’s actions. I don’t agree with most religion’s perceived thoughts on homosexuality, but people can believe what they want. It’s another thing entirely to hate someone on that kind of level. I mean, to picket funerals - not even serial killers get that kind of treatment. The people Phelps goes after have never harmed anyone and have often been victims themselves of horrible tragedy and hate and Phelps jumps in to pile more hate onto it. No sane human being can exhibit that level of putrid thought. Phelps needs to be put into a soft white bouncy room before he hurts someone with more than just his words.

I remember when he came to Ottawa when the Supreme Court ruled in favour of domestic partnerships. My best friend and I had been in Toronto for Gay Pride there, had gotten back to Montreal at 2:00 am, and had left for Ottawa at 5:00 am, so we were pissed. There was this great big counter-protest at the Supreme Court: lots of great speakers including Svend Robinson (NDP MP since 1978, first MP to come out, and a personal inspiration of mine); I got to shake his hand.

Of course, Phelps and klan were too cowardly to come and face a counterprotest of that size, so they quickly changed their plans and showed up the next day. When they lit the maple-leaf flag on fire, a Mountie showed up to help them light it properly. “I don’t want you to get injured,” he said, “and have you get treated in our hospitals with our money.”

Remeber the scene in Police Acadmey where the asshole cadets were tricked into going to the Blue Oyster Bar? Think we can get Steve Gutenberg to pull that one on Phelps?

I’ll bet you real cash money Phelps has frequented Blue Oyster Bars of his own accord. He’s obviously quite deranged, and I’d say there’s a lot of latent frustration and self-hatred of his own less-than-entirely-clear sexual orientation as part of it.

Living thirty miles from this jerk means I see more than my share of him. My favorite recent protest of his was outside the KU theatre department where a performance by the high school kids here for summer band camp was going on. Besides his usual signs about god hating “fags” and the evils of “gay U,” he seemed positively gleeful about tormenting these poor kids parents. He is a pure camera monger. Nothing pisses his group off more than being ignored, which is exactly what everyone around here does.


Take a gander at this:

Maybe you can just tell him child and spousal abuse is not a family value…

Yer pal,

In addition to Addicted to Hate (a must read) here’s a sample of the moronic nonsense this dude spews.

You know, Fred Phelps’s site would make GREAT MST3K material!
I’m off to inform Website # 9.

Seriously, THIS is why Fred Phelps exists-to give us something to poke fun at.

My dad, who is a funeral director, would call the cops on them, and have their asses booted out.

Guinastasia, it’s harder than you think to boot their asses out. Did you know that most of the phelps group(the adults anyway) are not only hatemongers but are LAWYERS as well? Here in Topeka(their home base) a local church, had to go to court to get a personal injunction for them to stay a certain distance away during services. There is also a city ordinance, that after much roaring and screaming, had a distance of fifty feet from church property listed as the closest one could get during a service. Fifty feet isn’t very far.

It’s interesting to note that the churches and events he pickets are mostly on main drags, the better to get the publicity. He hates the Jewish synagogue too, but doesn’t really picket there because it’s on a quiet street, away from traffic.

Two of his sons live in California(they were either booted out of the family or left on their own) and two daughters live here in Topeka, that are not part of the family. One even changed her name so as not to be grouped with them. The other NINE kids, and their kids, are pretty much under his thumb. as well as a few other true hate mongers, some of which are married to his daughters.

I’ve been involved with counter picketing, and endured a lot of hate speech from them. Have you ever had a ten-year-old ask you if you shave gerbils and put them up your rectum to get sexually aroused? I fear I would disappoint them, as I have been celibate for oever twenty years!!!

If you want to check out what our local paper has to say about them you can probably do a search there. The webiste is

I’ve got to stop now, or I would go on and on and on.

spraying monitor with Vanilla Wafer crumbs

A TEN year old asked you that? Holy shit, when I was ten, I only just learned what INTERCOURSE was! Good lord, you gotta wonder what kind of nightmares those kids probably have.

Actually, in all honesty, that is SAD. Because a child of only ten doesn’t understand the world yet, or true hate. And you can’t blame the kids yet…you have to blame the parents.

Sad sad sad.

Yes, a ten-year-old asked me that. It is so very sad, I agree.

Some of us once had a rally at Gage Park called Sunday in the Park Without Fred. A song we played was from “South Pacific”(I’ll bet you know which one) it was “You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught” You know, with lines like"You’ve got to be taught/before it’s too late/before you are six or seven or eight/ to hate all the people your relatives hate…

Phelps should do a college tour. Just like brother jeb and sister Cindy did in the 80’s. College kids need good, cheap entertainment. I could see pie-man paying a visit.

The local advocates are more calm than I am… I guess I am spoiled by living here and not having to see this.

I don’t know what I will do, but I think I have to go to church this Sunday - even though I don’t usually go to any church. These people are so sick and sad…

That ten year old was so stupid. Who the hell shaves their gerbils before inserting them in their rectum? The furry sensation is half the thrill! At least, that’s what I heard, not that I’m speaking from personal experience…

Yeah, protesting is fun and educational. I couldn’t believe it last fall when Pat Buchanan had the gall to show up here at my college in Southern California. He got an audience of 20 and about 100 protesters, would have had more of both probably if his speech hadn’t been during class time.