Dear pot smoking neighbor

I don’t mind that you smoke pot. Really, it’s your choice and if that’s what makes you happy, then go for it.
There are, however, a couple of things that I do mind that happen when you’re smoking.

First, your incense. It does not become more effective or provide joy to your neighbors when you burn so much that it creeps into all our apartments. In fact, it gives me a headache and when you get really excessive, Jake the asthmatic wonder kitty ends up wheezing. Now, if I’m home, I can stick a towel under the door, but sometimes I come home and can practically see the haze in the hallway.

Next, shut your door. It only makes it worse and allows even more smoke and incense to flow into the hallway when you prop your door open. This is an apartment building, not a dormitory, and you are not a college student. Or at lease that’s one of the things you’ve never said that you are.

If you choose to prop your door open - and I certainly can’t force you to shut it, could you either put on some sweatpants or some shorts that are longer. I continue to fear that I will be exposed to your junk when I walk by and you’re sitting on the sofa that you’ve placed facing the door with your legs spread wide.

Finally, during tonight’s adventures that I can smell creeping in around my door…could you keep from hammering at 2 or 3 in the morning? These walls are thick, and most things I can’t hear. But hammering is the one thing that carries in this building. I don’t like waking up to that five hours or so before I need to be awake.

Oh, and I’ve heard the rumors that you’re going to sue the management company because you’re being asked to leave, along with the rumors that it’s happening because you’re gay. Get over that. First, why would you be asked to leave when the gay couple on the first floor, the lesbian couple on the third and the gay maintenance man haven’t been asked to leave or been fired? If you’re really being asked to leave, it’s because you’re an obnoxious neighbor*.
*more explanation of this can be provided as necessary, but that’s not the original purpose of this rant. And as I typed it out, it became very un-rantlike. Oh well.

Lsura, I sympathize! My downstairs neighbors (who just moved out, thank god!) were nice enough guys basically, which was negated by the fact that they were total degenerate pot heads. I could smell it whenever they smoked (cigarettes or pot), which was no fun.

I think they were growing their own, because my stairwell inexplicably reeked of marijuana, and so did the air they were blowing out of one of the bedrooms next to my door. This was embarrassing when my father visited, lemme tell you. When they moved out, suddenly poof, the odor was gone.

But the best story was when they got stoned and decided it would be a good idea to play their hand drums in the yard outside my window at 11:30pm on a school night. Clearly my sleep schedule was irrelevant to them, as were the schedules of the 6 little kids who live next door. When I had to ask them to stop their irrhythmic, annoying pounding, they seemed surprised. :wally

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have some more problem with pot smoking, but when you make your drug use my problem, then it’s not cool anymore.

I meant to say “some moral problem” with pot smoking. :smack: But obviously I have a problem with preview.

You’re being too accomodating Lsura. This guy sounds like an ass. You’ve already given him the benefit of being understanding, and he seems to be abusing your good intentions.

A “something’s on fire” call to your local police/fire department would probably not get him arrested or anything (not that you’d want to), but it might make his behaviour change. If he’s really a dick, you could leave him a note that says something like “keep your door closed when you smoke your weed, the next time my cat starts wheezing you’ll be hearing from the law”.

I’m all for people being able to do what they want, but upsetting others is never a good thing. If he’s not an ass, maybe a simple “please don’t do that” would work.

That’s just the smoke making all life a joke, man…

Got any cookies?

That is terribly evil and clever, I will have to remember it.

I should clarify:

I have complained about noise since he moved in, but the pot smoking & incense burning has only started up in the last month. On top of that, I’m moving out in 2 weeks, so I won’t have to put up with it much longer.

As long as I am here and smell the first fingers of incense as they creep around my door, it’s not so bad - I can shove a towel under the door and keep most of it out.

Could we see a pic of Jake the Asthmatic Wonder Kitty?

Pretty please?

Jake the Asthmatic WonderKitty (otherwise known as Puddin’Ass)

Jake the Asthmatic WonderKitty has very pretty blue eyes. I didn’t know cats could have blue eyes.

His eyes look golden to me. :confused: Maybe the effects of the flash from the camera make them look more blue on your moniter? There is a sort of bluish film over the eyes, but the “undertone” is golden to me. He is a beautiful fellow.
Check out these cats known for blue eyes. Siamese. Birman. Balinese. Turkish Angora. From this site. I believe Persians also sometimes have blue eyes, or they used to when I was a child. (Before both the Persian and Siamese breed were widely bred to look so alien.)

Jake’s eyes aren’t blue - Zabali_Clawbane is right that it was the result of the flash. His eyes are dark - I think they’re black, but they may well have that golden undertone.

At least your pothead neighbors air their apartment out occasionally. I have some potheads downstairs who only crack their windows once a month or so (even during summer). One night I was sleeping and woke up smelling this fetid stench coming from outside. Smelled like a cross between rotting garbage, kitty litter, dog crap and 10 year old bong water. I got up and looked outside, to see if someone, perhaps, had dumped a two ton stack of 7 week old dead skunks in my front yard and noticed they’d opened their bedroom window that evening. Right below mine. It was darn near 90 out, too. Blech.

I have a problem with this unfair association between pot smoking and incense. I happen to love incense as an odorkiller and ambient air freshener. Some people enjoy it and I see no reason to besmirch people who use it. Maybe your neighbor just enjoys it and wants a cheap, effective, air freshener. I think of church and mysticism when I smell it. I love patchouli too, wish that hadn’t become noxious due to stereotypical associations.

Awwwwwwwwww. Very cute cat!

I don’t think you local fire fighters will thank you for calling them out just to settle a neighbour dispute.

But I appreciate Lsura’s problem my ex-neighbours did something similar, except just with cigarette smoke. She hated him smoking in their flat. (I know this cos I got to hear the fights about it, thanks.) So he would go smoke out in the stairs. Great, no smoke in their flat. Except he seemed to think that because he wasn’t inside proper, smoke just vanished once it left his cruddy lungs. No, it took the normal course of all hot gases. Up and out the only way, through my place. Idiot. I had to install a curtain across the door to make things air-tight.

Still, at least he wasn’t as bad as the other guy further down who insisted that smoking guests did it on the stair, but didn’t bother making them use an ashtray. I wonder if he ever wondered who used to sweep it into a pile on his door mat. :smiley:

I’d like to apologize on behalf of all pot heads, the above behavior is out of line. I’ve learned to co-exist with my apartment neighbors by taking lengths to ensure no one smells my smoke. I keep to the bathroom with the door closed and the incense lit, use a bong, and blow the exhale through a tube stuffed with dryer sheets that mask the scent nicely. Smells the same as your dryer exhaust.

I really hope to live to see the day when it is legalized so we don’t have to hide like criminals.

You truly are the Bongmaster.

Very clever, yet paranoid. :cool:

You mean to tell me you’ve never used a blow-tube? I mean smoke remover?

Next you’ll tell me that you never intentionally scorched popcorn in your dorm room in order to mask the stench of your weed!

For shame dude.

I find it funny that it’s the neighbors who are smoking pot, and yet Lsura is the one shoving the towel under her door.