Dear Woman video - pretty amazing

I just watched this video, called “Dear Woman” - and I am surprised by how much I am moved by it, by how much I feel it, accept it, and appreciate it.

I think it’s wonderful. And I’m sure lots of people (especially men) will mock it, I’m sure that’s why they shut off comments. But I don’t care, of course, I think it’s just amazing and I hope the consciousness behind it expands enough to help the women who need it most.

Sounds like one of those apologies men make when they aren’t really sure what is wrong, only more elaborate.

There’s one man in there that I’d like to “raise *his *consciousness” ifyouknowwhatImean.

If we are being seen as equals, we’re going to be able to express these feelings, right?

I dunno if this is mocking it, but that was really boring. (Yes, I’m a man.) Gender equality’s great; gender obsession… not so much.

There were 653 comments before they were closed, fwiw.

Boring, overwrought, and pretty cheesy (and I’m a woman). Sorry, I get the idea behind it, but the execution lacks rather a lot. I also tend to agree that gender equality is a meaningful goal - this doesn’t seem to be promoting equality, just self-flagellation over past sins and self-congratulatory talk without real action.

Utter balls from start to finish
I got 8 seconds into it before I was annoyed by the preachy tone and quasi-cultish appearance of the two freaky front men. The minute they start babbling on about energy any remaining potential goodwill jumped out of the window.

I take gender equality as a given, I feel insulted and patronised that anyone tries to apologise on my behalf. I have done nothing wrong.
If those two have something to sorry for then fine, don’t drag me into it. The immense ego it takes to apologise on behalf of a whole gender group is mind-blowing.

Na na na na na na na na, Batman…I mean, WOMAN!

Holy crap. I couldn’t stomach more than the first 15 seconds of this manipulative tripe. So I skipped around to random segments and found just more of the same.

I’d like to shoot my own version, in which the end would be a group shot of all the guys who participated making a similarly solemn statement in unison…until one of them snickers and they all start laughing hysterically.


Hey baby… I’m not like all those other guys. Can I get yo number? No no no, it ain’t like that. I’m into your consciousness, baby. That’s all. You’ve got a real nice set of consciousnesses on you, girl.

Plus one.

I didn’t know what to expect when I clicked the link. Five seconds in I thought “This is going to be a bunch of New Age baloney. They’ll probably talk about energies and stuff.” I was right; it’s full of blather about spirits and energies and such nonsense.

It goes further into insulting women - around 4:00 they seem to be saying women are bad at math, for fuck’s sake.

Yeah, the masculine and feminine energies twaddle made me turn it off.

It’s great if they are sincere and just want to make the world better. But just like I’m not going to apologize if some idiot woman does something obnoxious, men who haven’t done anything wrong shouldn’t try to apologize for those who do. Put the responsibility on the people who do wrong things, thereby holding their feet to the fire, not some random dude’s.

For the record, I don’t think we have gender equality in the US, but this isn’t the way to get it, either.

You can read the Manifesto here.
Some other writers on the subject really don’t like it.

and another writer.

Personally I feel this manifesto is damaging to men and women.

I agree, the “Manifesto” is utter crap. If I was a woman, I’d run a mile from any guy with such a bizzare “putting on a pedestal” view of women. As a man, I’d run a mile from any woman who thought this was a desireable attitude.

I got about a minute into it before I was so bored I couldn’t take it anymore.

I couldn’t bear to watch it beyond the first few sentences, then I read what **Alice the Goon **wrote, and I just had to see who was HOT in the video, so I watched a bit more.

It made me feel uncomfortable. I sure wouldn’t want any of the men I know to espouse such an attitude. This has to be a joke, right?

I’m female and watched as much of it as I could stand last night, or about 20 seconds. It really, really creeped me out.

Except that it isn’t, unfortunately.


That was aggressively uninteresting.


And more exact, specific and clear. So maybe it’s not like those apologies at all.