Death Fears...

Tell me atleast one way you are scared you might die someday. Here are two of my death fears:

  1. Spontaneous Human Combustion:

I know one would probably burn up so fast you wouldn’t even feel it if it really happened. I’m scared it’ll happen to me, it’ll be prolonged and I’ll feel it. And I’ll either die or be badly burned but somehow survive.

  1. Buried alive:
    I’m scared to death I’ll wake up in a coffin some day.

Well, you really don’t have to worry about the first-that’s pretty much woo.

I’m going to do the debate I’m doing some studying on that right now so it won’t be right away.

I was hoping to die of spontaneous combustion. I’m getting cremated anyway, so two birds with one stone.

Yeah, “spontaneous” human combustion is slow, and it only happens if you’re either already dead, or so doped up you might as well be. The typical case is that an obese person drinks themselves into an alcoholic coma and passes out while holding a lit cigarette.

And with modern embalming practices, you certainly won’t wake up in a coffin. It’s possible that you’ll be mistaken for dead when you’re not, but in that case, you’ll die when they drain out your blood and replace it with embalming fluid.

I don’t want to die knowing it’s coming in an accident. So, I’d be a screaming mess if I was in a plane going down. Trapped in a burning building, would be bad. Falling from a great height, well, I am scared of heights, so yuck.

I would hate any type of violent death I could see coming and not do anything about. I would rather it happen sudde

I don’t want to die doing something mundane, like on my commute to work. I’d rather people say about me “Well, at least he died doing something he loved.”

Well-played, Sir. Sir? Sir?..

Death doesn’t scare me that much. Maybe I’m full of shit, but I’ve contemplated it and the inevitability of it and I really don’t think I fear it a whole lot.

I fear chronic pain however. That scares the hell out of me. Spending the last 40 years of your life being tortured day and night by your own body? Fuck that.

As far as scary ways to die? For whatever reason going under for surgery scares me. The idea of going to bed in a hospital and never waking up.

As someone currently being scheduled for spinal surgery, I really didn’t need to be reminded of that.

And I don’t want to choke to death on the cap from a bottle of “poppers,” like Tennessee Williams.

Statistically I’m probably most likely to die at this point in a car wreck, I drive a lot, I love to drive fast, I think its the most likely cause of death given my age bracket and other factors. I worry about it a lot less now that I’ve bought a new car that isn’t so small and has way more up-to-date safety features, my old car was basically a 2 door coupe deathtrap that didn’t even have stability control for instance.

I go through little phases where I think about death a lot, and how the older you get the faster it seems to go by and you increasingly realize how short your time on this planet really is, even assuming you live to the average lifespan, and then a huge chunk of that time is spent sleeping, unaware of what’s even happening, or working at a job 40 hours a week or whatever.

For the most part though I think I’m still young enough and haven’t had any major health crises that I don’t really fret over my own death all that much, I’m sure as I get older it will become something I contemplate more and more.

Really I think the worst thing would be to outlive my children, I couldn’t imagine much worse than that for me personally, especially if it was some freak accident or act of violence or something.

Fire or stabbing.

At age 77, I occasionally think about it, but it still doesn’t seem impending. I’ve traveled quite a lot on rough roads in the third world, and I don’t think I’ve ever once had a fleeting thought of “This is where I die”. When I get into shaky circumstances, I never think about my own personal peril, but only the inconvenience I might have in extricating myself from the situation. I guess I’ve developed a personal policy of refusing to live in fear.

Sharks. It’s very unlikely, but the idea of being in the water following some accident, and the sharks circling in…

I’d rather they say “Well, at least he died doing someone he loved.”

And the old standby: I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather, not thrashing and screaming like the people in his car.

I have no fears of dying , I do have fears of people trying to keep me alive !

That’s a good one. Being eaten alive by any number of predators would be high on my list.

If I’m going to be killed by fire I’d much rather die quickly than live on in agony for hours or even weeks later in a burn ward.

When I was single, I used to have dark thoughts about somehow hurting myself in my home and not being able to get to my phone to ask for help.

One night I fell asleep on my couch. Just before laying on the couch, I had done something to hurt my back. It didn’t really hurt that much at the time, but when I woke up early the next morning, the pain was so intense, I couldn’t get up off the couch on my own. Luckily, my son was there to help me.