Death in Gaza - WOW

I seriously don’t even konw what to say, I’m just sitting here with my mouth open. Has anyone else seen this?

Death in Gaza
I have not seen it yet but I definately will.

Yeah check it out, everyone should see this.

This deserves a bump.

You are not alone World Eater. I was deeply moved by this documentory as well. Very well done. I was moved to tears at points, especially the ending.

Yes indeed, everyone should check this out. In fact I think it should be part of the high school social studies curriculum.
(well, maybe that is pushing it…it is enlightening stuff however.)

I’d be all for showing this in schools. It’s like the MTV series “Real Life” except about 1,000 times better.

I thought it was pretty terrible. It was all exploitative footage without the context - look at the little Palestinian boy get caught up in this conflict without doing a decent job of explaining why. The filmmaker was going to show the lives of children in Palestine and the lives of children in Israel, but he was killed, so the footage is only of the Palestinian kids. It’s unbalanced and unfinished and thrown together by somebody else.

I’m guessing that the “Death” in the title refers to the filmmaker. It was creepy how they made that the centerpiece of the film, with a big countdown to the climactic scene. It seemed like a glorified snuff film. There are much better documentaries on the subject out there. “Gaza Strip” was shot about the same time and is much more enlightening.

I finally saw Death in Gaza the other night and found it very interesting but with holes in it. The movie is biased against Israel to at least a small degree. The end was actually suspenseful to me knowing that the cameraman would die. I thought for sure he would get killed when the kids were making the bombs.

If I took anything away from this movie, it’s a belief that this war is never going to end. When asked if there can be peace, one kid comments, “No. They have killed too many of us.” From that point of view, no amount of negotiating can solve the problem. It boils down to a blood feud.

This part concerns how the guy dies so avoid it if you don’t want to know that part in advance.

At the end, when he died, I was stunned. Not that he was killed but by how stupid the decisions were which led to his death. In the middle of a war zone, three people approached a tank at night. Apparently, even after a warning shot, they kept moving toward the tank and then he was killed. I might be crazy but I’m not going to approach a tank at any time, much less in a combat zone at night. Saira Shah comments that her vest was “clearly marked with ‘TV’ on it”. There is no comment about their making a wrong decision; all of the blame is thrown on the tank crew.

That’s probably the weirdest use of the “Spoiler” tag I’ve ever seen.

But anyway…yeah, I agree with you. I mean, if you were the tank crew in the middle of a war zone at night—and in a war zone known for suicide bombers—how would you react to a bunch of people moving towards your tank, and not stopping, even after you fired warning shots at them? A vest panted “TV” isn’t exactly a irrefutable mark of identity.

When I first wrote the post, I didn’t have the spoiler tag. I added it right before posting because so many people here are hyper sensitive about information being given out.

I saw this a few months ago, and it left me utterly depressed and with the thought that, while Palestinian children are growing up in a) the situation imposed on them by the warring factions on both sides, and b) the shocking anti-Israel and antisemitic propaganda, nothing is ever going to improve. The cute little 5-year-old girl calling Jews “dogs”. :eek:

IIRC the situation regarding the approach to the tank, while foolhardy, was mitigated slightly because there had been dialogue with the tank before the shooting: the Israeli soldiers were Arabs and had been playing Arabic pop music for the residents, so I guess they thought they were safer than they actually were.


No dialog but the tank was playing music and calling out over the loudspeaker asking if people liked a certain type of music. It just did not make sense. Sneak out the back or stay put and get a good nights sleep before heading back. If they had done either of those two things, the guy would still be alive. Instead, they made a bad decision and he was killed.