Death is an illusion

I don’t know about the video, or what they even mean by it all, but from the evidence I have seen and dug up there isn’t a justification to think death is some kind of illusion or not the end. I mean the brain does survive for 10 minutes post clinical death, but no one has been brought back from that threshold.

It should be noted that Near Death Experiences don’t occur in all people either, which is weird for such a supposedly universal phenomenon. What I don’t get is why people assume it to me something supernatural rather than just another human thing.

I’ve seen plenty of human death. It’s no illusion. No magic trick. Death happens.

Didn’t watch the video but: There’s no question that death of the body is real.

The open question is whether there’s something (a soul, or whatever word you want to use) that survives the death of a person’s body.

Yup. Death is real. I’ve buried too many folks to think otherwise.

Someone get blown into a hundred bits by an IED? Uh…yeah they’re dead.

It’s as open of a question as the existence of the loch ness monster. Which is to say that every time someone develops a scientifically rigorous way to investigate it, it comes up short. Lots of pseudoscientific nonsense, though.

Take out of body experiences, for example. People often (when they claim to have an out of body experience) describe seeing themselves lying on the operating table during the experience, but you know how many can, when supposedly having their experience in an OR with unique patterns visible from above but not normal eye-level can then go on to accurately describe those patterns? Zero.

Out of body experiences are the mental equivalent to the brain filling out an ad lib after it’s been brought back from the brink. Every now and then that ad lib, quite coincidentally, turns out to have coherent plot and story to it that bears some resemblance to reality. Doesn’t make it actually true or actually real.

Out of body/near death experiences are phenomena experienced by people who are alive. When you’re dead, on the other hand… you’re dead. Not experiencing anything. Not an illusion, nor would believers in reincarnation, judgement by the gods, etc., say different.

So far I don’t see any reason to think that to be the case. The video seems to suggest death is an illusion, but that just sounds like people scared of oblivion.

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I would more say that this life is a illusion. It’s the life after that is more real and that life after is also the life we are living now, there is no break in our eternal living.

I have felt this many times as I was talking to someone ready to pass or sometimes right after death. They were already partly aware that they were going on to life and partly there already, some not suffering death at all.

I’ve been with many people who were dying, and this is bullshit.

Another vote for life being the illusion, although I tend to approach it from the other direction. I play with the idea of believing in souls and spiritual stuff, but it never sticks for me. It’s much easier to believe life as we know it is only a complementary set of perfectly understandable chemical reactions, with more complex life forms having more complex ways of sustaining their own sets of chemical reactions. Human consciousness being one of those ‘complex ways’. Every day is a die roll against something else coming along to sustain its own reactions at the expense of yours, or the ‘burning out’ of key structures that normally keep the processes going. When the system fails, it decomposes and some bits might eventually get sucked into some other blob’s set of reactions. I have a hard time, philosophically, distinguishing the reactions that make Me, and the reactions that make a star.

According to The Buzzcocks, Life’s an illusion, Love is a dream, and I wouldn’t argue that for all the hog lumps in the Winchester.

Would anyone like a peanut?

That video - what a load of woo. And did you read the comments? Sheesh. “All the dead are in the sun.”

The biggest surprise 99% of humanity is going to have is that there is nothing after death. But we can’t be smug about it, because they won’t know they were wrong. What with being dead and all.

Fuck. I really hate summer.

That’s why I consider it important to be smug about it *before *they die.

Yeah. If death is an illusion, is pre-life an illusion also? Before we are conceived we have no working brain, after we die we have no working brain. Same thing.

For the record, while I’ll look at your linked blog posts, I won’t watch random videos. You want me to comment on the specifics of it, you gotta tell me what they are.

And death is absolutely the end of life. People who believe otherwise are engaging in flights of fancy with no grounding in reality whatsoever.

Some dying people are scared of death, and around them you I hypothesize you would feel like death is the end.

Also how do you talk to people “right after death”? :confused:


The desire for continued consciousness is understandable, but we sleep every night and go insane if we don’t. Maybe consciousness forever isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Would we sleep in heaven? It’s part of who we are here.

Even if there is nothing like what we have here, the good things from our lives still existed and are still part of the space time continuum. In fact they still exist, we just cannot access them, because we can’t travel through time. Suppose we love certain people in our lives, well I can view that love as being as real as anything else and continuing, being absorbed into the larger existence even though the people who participated in it no longer exist.

The question of why this all exists, god or no god, may never be answered. Would make more sense for there to be nothing either way. I view our existence as absurd. Heaven or afterlife wouldn’t be any more so absurd, we just lack evidence of it.

Of course, if time is infinite, all possible scenarios will occur infinite times. So we’ve already thought all of this over before, and will again, ad nauseum! See y’all again in 537 quintillion years!

I’m also in the camp that life is an illusion.