Death Match: Jack Bauer vs. James Bond - Who wins?

Let’s say James Bond and Jack Bauer are going to fight to the death. Weapons? Whatever you imagine. Rules? None at all. Who wins?

I choose Jack Bauer. It may be my American bias, but here’s why. First of all the main difference I see between the two is that Jack is very loyal to family and close friends and at times this can get him into trouble (See Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4 and Season 5). But these close connections are there to bail him out and I’d count on them showing up at a no rules death match to make sure he wins. Bond is a narcissist, and you never know when someone he screwed is coming around for payback. Watch your back, James!

Most of the Bonds are wimps compared to Bauer. If any of the Bonds prior to Daniel Craig shows up this isn’t even worth discussing. Las Vegas doesn’t even set the odds.

And what about endurance? Bauer has completed 120 hours of offing bad guys and is still running strong. What’s Sean Connnery done? Eight hours? Ooh, I’m impressed.

Does Bond have a chance?