Death of a student who attended the school where I work


We had a student die here today. Not at school, which is a good thing, but still…

He had a multitude of health issues. Mom took him to the hospital this morning with what she suspected was something more or less treatable, and he never made it home.

Guess who got to break the news to the lady that’s been his driver for the past 6 years?

Remind me again why I can’t drink at work?

Oh, that’s so sad. :frowning:

{{{{{{MBG and the kid’s family & friends}}}}}}}

So sorry to read this, MBG. Hugs for everyone.

Ow, MBG. Hugs and virtual drinks… I wish I could send you a few real ones.

I’m so sorry, BusGuy.


That’s so sad. My sympathies to his family and to the people who knew him. Peace to all.

Because if you drink driving a bus you only increase the odds that you’ll have more student deaths to report someday.

You can get shitfaced tonight (I assume - maybe you don’t drink).

MBG doesn’t drive, though, he’s the bus supervisor.

So I guess the reason you can’t drink at work is that you’re supposed to set an example to the drivers. Specially considering some of the stories you’ve told about the shiniest gems…

sends liquor chocolates - with good liquor