Death of parent affect George W.'s chances?

Now, I am not wishing death on anyone, but I was asking myself what could assure the re-election of George W. Bush and one of the things I came up with was the death of either his mother or father.

My wife said she thought it might make a couple of points difference in the polls, but little more than that. I contend it could make up a 10 point difference, maybe more. If terrorists did it maybe even 25 points.

I don’t want Donald Rumsfeld or Dick Chaney to get any ideas; I was just wondering.

Maybe the Democrats should hire more guards for the senior Bushes.


So you think Joe and Joan Average American (not their real names) would be more likely to vote for the guy who so pissed off terrorists that same terrorists offed his dad? The whole breach of security wouldn’t dissuade you? Mind, I’m not up on what current measures are in place, so this post is worth about as much as the electrons behind it, and I have no doubt there are looming arguments circling over my head, but I’m not exactly seeing it.

As tens of thousands have found out over the past century, one doesn’t have to “piss off” terrorists to have them want to kill you.

To answer the OP, it depends upon how they die. If its natural causes, I don’t think there would be much of a bump in the polls, regardless of how close it is to the election. If they die in terrorism attacks, I can almost guarantee that the man gets a pretty solid bump up in the polls.

Reagan is more likely to die than either Momma or Poppa Bush. If it happens before the election, we’d be so inundated with memorial services and TV biopics, and all of them would star W, of course. It’d be tons of free publicity.

I hope Rove doesn’t sneak into Nancy’s house and pull the plug.

Erm, I meant the memorial services would star W. Not the biopics. They’d probably get a run of the mill actor for that. :smack:

Yeah, but let’s not let history get in the way of a political play for more votes;)