Death Star vs Planet Killer

Death Star vs Planet Killer



[spoiler] Yes, pointless, needless, going to be full of nitpicks and whining, been done several times before, etc… Just try to have fun!

If this turns out fun, maybe Q vs the Force next.[/spoiler]

Death Star fires laser into Planet Killers maw and bam, bye bye PK. It never had a chance.

Or, the PK gets a shot right into the main DS weapon first, and then takes its time cutting it into little bite-sized chunks.

The DS has the advantage, like the Enterprise, of being commanded by thinking beings, and is not just following a program that doesn’t appear to have a lot of initiative. So using the tactical strengths of the DS, it should win. But, it is commanded by a totalitarian bureaucracy, so no one might take the initiative, lest they fail and get their apologies for failure accepted by Vader. :eek: <force choke

We also don’t know how well Empire force shields work. Because I suspect even the DS weapon can’t get through neutronium, so the PK has that advantage.

Planet Killer mistakes the Death Star for a small moon and blasts it away with the anti-proton beam.

The PK seems much more maneuverable than the Death Star, given that it’s less than 2% of the size and still able to keep up with the USS Enterprise. Flanking the Emperor’s new toy to avoid “superlaser down the throat” disorder while bringing the maw to bear on, well, anything, seems simple enough.

Caveat: My knowledge of the Planet Killer is limited to that from the OP and five minutes of google-fu.

I think the Death Star has a much longer range, but that’s just sort of guessing from my memory.

We also have no idea what the super laser rate of fire is. Say they take one full shot at the PK and it bounces off. The DS scientists see that hull is neutonium, and react accordingly. “Try firing down the maw”, they say, which would work. But what if it takes 12 hours to recharge the weapon? In the mean time, the PK cuts the DS into little pieces. Plus, what if the turn rate of the DS is like 30 minutes for full turn. Then the PK can just keep maneuvering away from the super laser.

Unless the (apparently limited) tactical programming of the PK doesn’t realize how the SL works, or doesn’t “care”, thinking its anti-proton beam is a match for anything. So it just keeps shooting, and eventually the maw is lined up with the SL and poof! nothing left but a hollowed-out neutronium windsock.

I just want to hear the background music to this. (I think the PK has the advantage there.)

The second Death Star, at least, was able to fire its main weapon repeatedly during the Battle of Endor, at Rebel capital ships. However, those shots were likely at far less than maximum power, and it may be that recharging the main weapon for a full-power shot would take far longer.

I’m thinking that the DS simply sends out a good sized Imperial Cargo Shuttle and flies it down the mouth of the Planetkiller, imploding the engines at the right moment. I mean, so much more efficient. :smiley:

But who ya gonna get to fly it, kid? you?

I’m a pretty good pilot!

You’ll be DEAD!

Death Star vs Planet Killer vs Unicron

That’s FICTION! :mad: