Death: 'The Chance of a Lifetime'

Just listening to the trannie and here in Melbourne, the main (and oldest) General Cemetery has ‘released’ a number of plots for sale. People have been queing-up (even CAMPING-OUT) inside the grounds for days just to be the first to get…

‘The Chance of a Lifetime’. (Yep, that’s how they’re promoting it)

And at up to $50.000(AUD) for the opportunity!!

Now can understand getting into a queue for a Rolling Stones concert, or for grand-final tickets to your sport-of-choice.

But for a bloody GRAVESITE???

Just bung me in a cardboard box and feed me to the sharks folks.

I don’t think I want to be bunged. Even after I’m dead.

kambukta did you see the fuss because some guy bought 11 of them? I mean, call me silly, but what would one need 11 graves for - a little piece in each? IIRC they were the ones in the “best” location - I think they were in the catholic secion. I’m not sure what makes one location better than another, I mean it’s not as if you’re going to be enjoying the view.

in 20 years, when we boomers are dropping like flies, plots will become outrageously expensive (and, presumably, homes in less-than-ideal locations will become quite cheap)

KIDS! - buy low, sell high :smiley:

And here I thought I’d missed a Neil Gaiman series or something.

goes off to read “The High Cost of Living”

Jonathan, I’m glad I’m not the only one. :smiley:

So kambukta did you queue up outside the cemetery all night hoping for a good one?

Owning a cemetary might not be such a bad idea. After all, it’s the one place people are dying to go.


[sub]ouch! that hurt! [/sub]

Nah robinc308…I’m not planning on shuffling off this mortal coil JUST yet, and I wouldn’t want to be buried at the Melbourne General anyway.
I was thinking more along the lines of spending eternity in a little bush cemetery, amongst the magpies and the gum trees. Being around all those ‘I’ve gotta have the biggest one’ tombstones with the garish embellishments leaves me cold. Country cemeteries seem to have a bit more ‘life’ in them, if you get my drift.

Then again, I won’t give a monkeys pistle one way or the other when the time comes.

Cemeteries–especially old, historic cemeteries–can be the most wonderful places in the world. A good garden cemetery can contain the finest of the landscaper’s and sculptor’s arts. They can be peaceful places where you can admire sculptural, stained glass, ironwork and even typographic techniques that don’t show up much in the land of the living. Among other things, cemeteries teach history, art, geography and geology.

Right before my time comes, the parts of me that aren’t sad about dying will be terribly excited about the opportunity to become a part of a cemetery, let alone a cemetery such as you describe here.

I totally sympathize with the campers, and if I lived in Oz, my sleeping bag and I would have been in that line. I mean, wouldn’t it be wonderful to be part of so much beauty?

Grave scalping! :eek:

Gunslinger, scalping is almost an institution here in Melbourne, so you are probably not too far off the truth. In fact, while the scalping of AFL Finals tickets gets peoples hackles up and sends the media and govt. into a flurry every September (We’re gonna BAN scalping, yessirree!), there is still a tacit acceptance of the practice.
And seeing that most people follow their footy team with more religious fervour than the prospect of their inevitable meeting with God/Allah/Buddha, I don’t expect that the folkshere will kick up too much of a stink about some budding entrepreneur making a few bucks out of a few cubic metres of sun-dried clay.