Death wishes.

When you’re done with the whole life thing, what do you wish for your physical remains?

Buried, cremated, taken off into space and dumped in some remote corner of the cosmos?

Me? I want the quick hellfire-burning in the cheapest possible casket, then my ashes used as a mulch for a nice fruit tree. Or maybe scattered into the compost heap.

Your death wish?


I actually have it written into a statement of last wishes that my carcass is to be disposed of in the least expensive legal way. I will be dead. I don’t care. Just spend the least that the law will allow.

My parents both donated their remains for medical research, after which they’ll be cremated. I’m not sure I’ll go that route myself, but it’s about as frugal as it gets.

My SO has expressed the same. The thought of him being hacked in an Anatomy 101 class though doesn’t quite appeal really. :smiley:

Use the parts that are usable. Cremate the rest. Scatter me somewhere nice.

I kinda like the notion of being blasted into deep space, preferably in a casket with a window in the lid, so I can look out in a metaphysical sense.

Failing that, I will be buried in the family plot near my ancestral home, overlooking a bayou. It’s nice there. Quiet. Way out in the country.

This is what I want. Donate any useable organs, then the rest can go to research.

I’ve discussed this with my husband. I want them to harvest anything useful, use the rest for research (if anyone wants my carcass), and probably just have the rest cremated. It would be nice to have my ashes blasted into space, or made into a gem, but both of those cost a lot of money. I’d be happy just to be scattered in various places around Texas.

There was a rather corny letter in “Ann Landers” or “Dear Abby” years ago but I like the basic idea - donate any of my parts that someone can use, cremate whatever’s left and use it to help fertilize a tree so that someday people can have a nice shady spot to relax in.

Or several places- that’s my plan.

I want my cremains divided up and funneled into nice little embellished bottles or something similar (think a two-or-three-gram-vial-of-blow-type thing). People can take one at the service, then take it somewhere really cool at a later date, say something nice, and scatter me.

I could end up in Fiji, atop Mount Everest, in a Hawaiian volcano, near an ancient redwood… awesome!


My Grandpa died in '89, with all intention of creamation.
They still charged $5000 for casket; said they couldn’t display someone in a used casket, by law.
We ended up with a coffe-can-like container to bury.
Where did the casket go if someone can’t be displayed in a used casket by law?

I want to be plasticized (like in “The Bodies” exhibits) into a functional gum-ball machine. The skin and muscle of my torso should be removed, so that when you insert a quarter into my mouth, you can watch your gumball travel down my esophagus, through the stomach and the small intestines, before it detours away from normal physiology and dispenses out of my bellybutton.

ETA: All money will go towards fighting HIV/AIDS in Africa.


For my mom’s viewing (this was in 1998), she was in a cardboard casket. It looked like wood, not like a corrugated box. Then, after the viewing, the casket and all went into the oven.

I want to donate whatever is useful, at least a few students can work on various parts. Cremate whatever is left and I really don’t care what happens to the ashes.

mrAru wants to be cremated and dropped somewhere very deep in a TDU can preferably in the north sea since he spent so much time there underwater it feels like home.

The wife has promised me that after they harvest any organs that still work after years of alcohol abuse, the rest will be cremated and ensconsed in an urn on the mantle, complete with Hawaiian shirt cozy.

Medical cadaver.

I will donate whatever anyone might need. I don’t care what they do with the rest.

Buried. I have already chosen the grave site.

My long-term ambition is to one day be a controversial fossil.


Actually, that’s what I’ve done too. It’s in my will. Burial, ceremomial, whatever expenses are to be kept to a reasonable minimum.