Deathloop playthrough

I started this game about a week ago on the PC, and it took me a while to get going (actually it was about three weeks ago, but I didn’t get it, and went off to play Dishonored dlc which really got me in the mood for it,).

Not going to say any specific spoilers in the first post, but man I’m enjoying it, not been as addicted to something since Subnautica: Below Zero. It’s as much the mystery and letting go as the actual performing of tasks (they are so non linear), but is one of those which invades your dreams (like the Subnauticas and Control).

Anyone else played through it?

I like the Slabs, and the abilities, there seems to be quite interesting variations in playstyles possible. With some of these games, I can’t help feeling as if I should play through a second time without using my favourite abilities.

On a similar note of a game, Prey: Mooncrash plays in a similar vein, also by Arkane.