Do you Replay games?

I am talking mainly about RPGs and the like that tell a story. I find that I don’t go back very often even when the game offers different classes etc. that in theory provide a different play experience.

The problem is I lose interest when I am seeing things that I already saw, that is also the main reason I save my games like a maniac–I hate replaying to much if I have a technical difficulty etc. so the end result is once I finish a game I tend to put it away.

How about you?

I have replayed Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas obsessively. It isn’t possible to do everything on one playthrough, as each choice you make opens some avenues, but closes others. Other games, even ones that I enjoyed very much like Bioshock I and II, don’t get multiple plays as it will be the same story varying only in minor details.
The Silent Hill games, with their multiple endings, support repeat play very well.

Yes. I also re-read books and re-watch movies and TV series, though.

I am more likely to re-play some of the older RPGs, simply because playing through them takes significantly less time than some of today’s 50 or 100 hour behemoths.

Depends; I would NEVER replay a game just to experience it as a different character class. That would bore me to tears. These people who say stuff like “I’m on my 4th Skyrim playthrough! This time I’m a Half-halfling Wizmagerarrior!” make me want to call the men in white suits.

On the other hand, I can sometimes be persuaded to play a game through a second time in order to see new content or get new toys, so games with branching storylines, optional postgame content, or “new game plus” modes with new sidequests and dungeons can lure me back in.

I’ll play the beginning of an RPG dozens of times, with most of those times being an “evolutionary dead end” in the sense that I ended up thinking of a more interesting character to play.

As far as playing all the way through goes, I’ll try to replay in order to experience most of the branching points in the plot. E.g. for Mass Effect 2, I’ve played through each of the romances with a character and I’ve tried out most of the different “nice guy”/“nasty guy” responses that I could find. But some times I’ll give up before experiencing everything (e.g. in Morrowind, I never completed all of the noble house story arcs).

I still replay old, short games like Mario and Sonic. I don’t normally replay long, modern games. I did play through Arkham City twice though.

Some games. I’ll replay something like Skyrim with a different character because I only do the quests that make sense for my character type, so if I played a mage the first time, I would not have done the thieves guild, companions, etc.

Often, with a replay, I won’t even touch the main quest. Other games don’t have as much replay value.

I can play shooters over again because they’re pretty much just hand/eye coordination games akin to old style arcade games.

I generally replay two types of games: those I can finish with only a few days of effort (Portal, Resident Evil 4 and the like) and those with lots of branching and options such that you can’t see everything by just playing once (Mass Effect, Pokemon and the like).

I’ll occasionally replay a game that doesn’t fall into these categories, but I have so little time to play and so many games stacked up and waiting that it’s getting rarer.

I usually only replay games when a sequel is coming out (i.e. I just finished Mass Effect 1 and am on the second before I play ME3), and I usually replay with the same choices. Though I do occasionally replay shorter games like Tales of Monkey Island or Sam and Max, but even then usually only to show other people the game.

Old games I replay, however (mostly Sonic games), and occasionally I’ll get an itch to replay a game randomly (Half-Life 2, Zelda games), but that’s very rare that I generally say that replayability isn’t important to me.

Of course, I’ll “replay” arcade-like games or fighting games, but those don’t really count since they’re not really narrative driven.

Yes, I will. Usually it’s RPGs, and I want to explore other options. Fallout 1 and 2, for instance allow vastly different playing styles. Other times I just want to relive the game. I love some characters and villains.

I can hardly think of a game I liked that I haven’t replayed, which basically means almost all of 'em. But that might be because I’m pretty careful about plunking down my money, and so the games I’ve chosen have been particularly high quality.

The game I’ve replayed the most is easily Half-Life 2. I can’t even imagine how many hours I’ve logged on that, and right now I’m too lazy to look 'em up on Steam. The original Half-Life probably has almost as many hours logged. Episode 2 is rising up there as well. Portal, OMG, I’ve replayed that one dozens of times. I’ve gone through its sequel four times so far in less than a year – developer commentary helps with those too. I’ve also played HL mods multiple times, such as Minerva: Metastisis, Rock 24, Research and Development and a few others whose names I’ve forgotten.

STALKER:Shadows of Cherobyl is another favorite. Sometimes I just want to get lost again in that bleak, dark, cheerless world. Maybe it’s 'cause I have some Ukrainian in my blood. Oddly I haven’t even finished STALKER: Call of Pripyat yet… for some reason it doesn’t have the same addictiveness. I think because I really liked the story and main character of the first game, and the third game hasn’t grabbed me the same way.

I’m only playing my first real RPG now – Fallout: New Vegas (yes I know it’s a combo RPG/shooter) – and I suspect I will play through again just because people keep talking about this character “Boone” as a sidekick and I have no idea where he comes from; the only sidekick I’ve found is Cass (unless you count Rex the robodog, but I’ve lost him somewhere, unfortunately). Also I’d like to play once as an utter bastard. I’ve tried to be liked by everyone and that isn’t getting me what I want, so it might be more fun to be a total hard-ass next time.

Older games I played over and over until I found my fingers twitching in familiar keystroke patterns: Commander Keen, Wolfenstein:3D, and of course Dooms 1 and 2. Oh, and the Duke Nukem 2D games as well. Out of this World (aka Another World) and its semi-sequel Flashback were multi-plays as well. Oh and I mustn’t leave out Sam and Max and Day of the Tentacle.

I have a feeling I’d replay Mass Effect 2 as well, but unfortunately a tech glitch has left me stuck right at the first scene and I can’t get past it. Shepherd is trying to get a key or something and no matter how many times I try to get her to “use” the keypad, she just stands there like an idjit. It’s a known glitch but I have yet to find a solution to it, sigh.

The only actual RPG I’ve ever replayed is Knights of the Old Republic. I might do it again, too.


If I like a game, I’ll replay it at least once (I can only think of one I’ve only replayed once - Final Fantasy III, which I was in the middle of my second replay when I got a new game I wanted to play - Devil Survivor 2).

I have several games that you have to play multiple times - several Megami Tensei games, for instance, which all have at least 3 endings, and have the plots diverge, and even where they match up, different aspects are revealed based on choices. (The aforementioned DS2, for instance, I’ve had 2 potential PCs die on me because I spent time learning the backstories of characters I already had, or the general plot, rather than going straight to rescuing them.)

I will play through at least two times. I often go back at a later date to play, with the longer break from the past play making it more likely I will return, thanks to forgetting so much.

I forgot to mention: if I missed a number of relatively easy Achievements in my first time through an Xbox game, I’ll usually try to pick them up on my second (or third, or whatever) run-through.

I have a few that I want to replay (Dragon Age: Origins, Stalker: SoC, Skyrim) but don’t know if I will just because I have too many other games to get through. Still, DA:O was one of my favorite gaming experiences so maybe I’ll make time for it with a different race/sex/skill set-up.

Yes, lots, though usually I’ll replay to try other paths or if I haven’t played it in quite a while and want to experience it again.

With mods, I’ve probably replayed Baldur’s Gate 2 over a dozen times to experience new NPCs, etc. I think that’s my replay record for RPGs. I only made it through the original game once. I’ve done at least a few replays each on Neverwinter Nights (original and 2nd expansion), Knights of the Old Republic 1/2, Mass Effect 1/2, etc.

I’m happy replaying LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) - I’m on my 3rd time through.

Not only are there different character classes which require different approaches (spells with Loremaster; missiles with Hunter; combination moves with Warden), but the races have different introductions and skills.

Also I play both Solo and in Fellowships.

It depends on the game: I’m more likely to replay a game the more open it is. I was bored of Dungeon Siege (both 1 and 2) before I’d even finished the first run; Baldur’s Gate I played it once bumping into walls, a second time exploring every single nook and corner and taking notes, further times taking advantage of the notes and playing with different classes and companions.

Usually only games where technical proficiency alters the experience, and that experience is short. I don’t think I’ve ever replayed a single RPG of any kind since the original final fantasy on NES. But Mario 64 was a blast as you got better and better at the game and the designers made it trivial (even purposeful) to replay old levels. I find Bayonetta to be the same way: as I improve, past levels become more fun and the game is designed to be replayed from the start as any board you’ve completed is available at any time.

Games where replay is difficult I tend to never give another chance. After some proficiency, I could play through Silent Hill 1 or Resident Evil 2 in about two human hours, which made replay a breeze. I know some people have complained about the Darkness II’s short campaign but it seems about the limit I’d be willing to tolerate for a replayable game (and as I recall most first playthroughs for the survival horror games were around 3-6 hours). I can’t stomach a typical long FPS for replay (love the first play though) but I can throw in Left 4 Dead or Left 4 Dead 2 and get a campaign on in no time to get my fix, even if it is single player campaign instead of versus.

If I cannot complete a game in one 2-10 hour (human hour, not game hour) sitting, I will not replay it.