Do you replay old games?

I’m out of money in my game budget right now, so I’ve been going back and playing things that have been sitting on the shelf for years. So far, I’ve made it to the last chapter of Dark Cloud 2, then I got kind of annoyed with the dungeon grinding and decided to blow the dust of my Xbox and see what I had to play there. I found my copy of Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee (the game that I originally bought an Xbox to play), and found that my last save was in September 2002! I’ve forgotten pretty much everything about it in the last 8 years, so it’s basically a new game, and I’m having a blast! I might not need to buy anything new for a couple of months now. As a matter of fact, when I was getting out my Xbox controllers, I noticed that I still have my Nintendo 64 and several of those games…

What about you guys? Do you replay old games or do you have more of a “one and done” mentality?

Definitely! I break out Starcraft every couple of years and play through it, and it’s always awesome. Same thing with Warcraft III, and occasionally with other games like the Heroes of Might and Magic series and others.

Hmm…it seems like I’ll do this a lot with strategy games. Occasionally I’ll do it with RPGs, but I’ve not been so impressed with the straight-up RPGs of recent times: nothing’s grabbed me the way that Baldur’s Gate did.

Except Dragon Age, now that I think about it, and maybe it’s getting on time for a replay…

Not most of them, but I’ve replayed the original Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall more times than I can count (despite its bugginess, I really loved the open-world model for an RPG).

Oh, yes. has sold me some games that I threw away years and years ago because they didn’t work on the OS any more, and I have happily messed around with Conquest of the New World, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and some others. (And a couple I never did play before!)

Might and Magic VI has never stopped working, and I replay that every couple of years.

Also, if I were the type to download NES emulators and (arguably illegal) roms, I would happily replay some NES games, such as Zelda and the Dragon Warrior series.

A game that is great fun doesn’t stop being great fun just because it’s become dated.

It’s not that old, but I’ve replayed Half Life 2 a bunch of times.

Bioshock is my long-term go-to game.

Actually, I didn’t think about this, but I got a bunch of NES/ Super Nintendo games on WiiWare, and I was actually able to get my husband to play Super Mario Brothers with me (he’s not much of a video game guy). I was kind of embarrassed at how bad I was at the original Zelda!

I’ve replayed Star Control 2 a few times. (Now available as freeware!)

All the time… basically anything RPG-y from the SNES era, a bunch of old PC games, all sorts of other stuff. A lot of the old stuff really IS more fun than what’s coming out now.

I replay the good ones a ton.

I have replayed recently:

  1. Okami - Best. Game. Ever. Only game I ever got 100% completion.

  2. Psychonauts - Amazingly fun.

  3. Zelda, especially Twilight Princess, which I loved the most of all of them. I never replay Majora’s Mask or the original on the NES(or 2 for that matter), but the rest I play.

I’m actually playing Monkey Island 2 Special Edition right now and loving it. Played through all the other Monkey Islands last year, but waited on this one since I figured it would be re-made.

Somewhere online (I’ve forgotten where, but if you google you’ll probably find it) is a website that lets you play any NES game ever produced, in a web browser.

I used it for awhile to play Casino Kid, which was my favorite stupid NES game (as opposed to my favorite good NES game, Zelda). :slight_smile:

I’d rather replay a game I know I like than buy a game I’m iffy about. So, yeah :slight_smile:

For reference, I’ve got 26 games installed on my machine right now. 7 of those were games I hadn’t played before at the time I installed them.

Well, let’s see… The last seven games I’ve played were released in around 1990 (I’m not sure on that one), 2005, 2007, 1994, 2000, 1991, and 2001. So I guess the answer to the OP is “yes”.

Yup. Probably more often than I play new games, these days. It’s not QUITE as good as going back to a book I’ve forgotten everything about, but it’s close.

I’m posting on here in between games of Age of Empires II: Age of Kings. I finally figured out how get it to run sans optical drive on my netbook.

Oh, yes. I’m in the middle of a Medieval II: Total War campaign (Milan is crazy overpowered). Yesterday I checked the prices on Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri; I loved playing it years ago on my Mac, and I want to pick up the PC version. Alas, the expansion is still about $40 on Amazon; I must not be the only one who wants to play it. Same story on Master of Orion II.

I replay Baldur’s Gate 2 a whole lot, and some for the various “modules” of Neverwinter Nights.

Oooooh Neverwinter nights! I gotta reinstall that.

I’m replaying mirror’s edge right now, as well as Civ IV. Thanks to GOG I’m also playing through Syberia. And I’m also replaying the Dragon Age expansion pack and trying to finish the assasin’s guild plot line in Oblivion.

God, how do I get anything done?

I love replaying old games so much that I almost never part with mine to Gamestop or friends. RPGs are my favorite to replay. One or two of my favorite RPGs can carry me through a month and keep me from spending money on my habit.

Another thing that I like to do is go back to old games that I never finished. I used to have a habit of buying 3 or 4 used games at a time and only barely playing each one. In the last couple of years, I’ve been slowly working my way through my stack of unfinished games and have come upon some real gems. Shadow of the Colossus, Fear Effect, and Summoner were all titles that made me wonder how I’d owned such great games for so long without finishing them.

I’d say it is, and no, I don’t usually replay games that are single player only.