Deathly Hallows party -- what to do?

Okay. I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to host a full-on costume party for the opening night of the Deathly Hallows movie. My husband and I are going as Molly and Arthur Weasley. (Much sewing to commence). Most of our guests are going to be teenagers and twenty-somethings, with a sprinkling of 40ish people. (My husband and I are 47.)
What activities/games are a must-do for this night? I already have a lot of food ideas (butterbeer, chocolate frogs, etc.), but I’m stumped as to what to do. I would be fine with watching Potter movies, but I doubt many others would.
Help me out, Dopers!!:D:D

Some ideas:

  • Harry Potter trivia with prizes
  • Costume contest (obviously)
  • Quidditch, if you have room (there are rules online for “grounded” Quidditch)

I’m jealous–I wish somebody would invite me to a Potter party! I’ve got a full Slytherin school uniform that I never get to wear. :stuck_out_tongue:

Four weeks, four weeks, four weeks, four weeks…

The theatre department at my college did an elaborate “Harry Potter Week” culminating in a party. Everyone divided up into houses and played Wizard Chess (human chess), took exams in History of Magic (Harry Potter Trivia), Potions (Bartending contest to make best House Drink), and other Potter-related games molded into Hogwarts classes. Charms was a bunch of theatre games, I think. Loads of fun.

My sister and I did an OWL exam for our kids for the book seven release. We had the practical portion only, of course. Our activities were appropriate for the age of the children we were doing the party for but many of them could be modified for adults and teens.

We did things like mixing stuff together for potions so we got a big foamy mess. We did baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap (gotta increase the foam) but you could do more sophisticated mixes or even have your cocktail bar be the “potions” lesson with non-alcoholic drinks like virgin screwdrivers and shirley temples for the teens. You could see who could come up with the craziest, most outrageous crystal ball reading, as well.

I also like the grounded quidditch match. Everyone should have fun with that even if they can’t all play.

if you sort people into houses you can have house points and the house cup for the winning house. houses can win or lose points during games and have prizes.

there are many harry potter trivia books for game ideas.

having the movies play would be neat, those kids really were itsy bitsy in the first one.

If you have pictures of whoever’s attending and any type of photoediting software you could do paper dolls as party favors. Outfits: Slytherin, Gryffindor, academic robes, Lucius Malfoy robes, etc…