DEBATE III: Live SDMB Coverage

OK, getting ready for the debate here. Place your live comments!

I’m going to be in class all night, so I expect to see some good commentary when I get home, yeah?

And keep the “He said ‘flip-flopper!’ Take seven shots of ruby port!” cracks to a minimum, okay?

[non-mod hat]That’s right. Cabernet only, folks. :stuck_out_tongue: [/non-mod hat]

Psssssssst…a thread is already underway.

Will the “undecideds” watch the major league championship series or the debates? Will the nation’s national pastime undo Kerry?

Crap! LOCK IT!

Well, I’m watching both.

I was in the mood for Zinfandel. Is that OK? I do NOT mean white zinfandel!