Debate: You can't say anything "of substance" on this board


“Crucified”? Come on, dude. You’re being absurd. Get over yourself.

A little hyperbole is too much for you? You’re being absurd. Get over yourself.

If you respond to mild criticism as if you’re the son of god being tortured to death, it gets in the way of meaningful conversation.

(FYI: Jesus was not the only person crucified…just letting you know.)

Here’s how a rational, functioning adult responds to criticism, when it is pointed out that something they said could be offensive:

Here is how you respond to criticism, when it is pointed out that something you said could be offensive:


I think that was a really good thread.

Indeed, I think it goes to the OP as a thread where many were saying something “of substance” on this message board.

Good grief. My days of not taking you seriously have apparently only just begun.

crucified; crucifying

Synonyms of crucify

transitive verb


: to put to death by nailing or binding the wrists or hands and feet to a cross


: to destroy the power of : MORTIFY

crucify the flesh



: to treat cruelly : TORMENT


: PILLORY sense 2

crucified in the press

(bolding mine)

Where is Jesus?

I hang out with a lot of college students and 30-something’s. I’ve never heard them say “bruh”. That’s because the people i hang out with include a lot of trans and non-binary people, and they try to avoid gendered language for unspecified people. And “bruh” is pretty obviously gendered. My connections are via a liberal university in the northeast.

I’m not surprised if kids in another part of the country use different slang. I’d be surprised if other kids who hang out in communities with a lot of people who tend to get hurt by gendered language use “bruh”, though.

The only “baggage” attached to the pronouns "E/em/es” is that they aren’t widely known. Something that seems to be intuitively obvious to you. So I’m really puzzled by your complaint.

Not so much a complaint as how the general public is supposed to be aware of these usages.

As I stated above, I was puzzled by Whack-a-Mole’ behavior as well, but I think it all makes sense once you realize that, with his self-crucifixion in ATMB dying down, Whack-a-Mole simply decided to erect a new cross in the Pit.

In heaven, rolling His eyes at your foolishness. This is really the way you want to proceed, huh?

You got me. I waited a month for just the right Pit thread to start and then waited 150+ posts in to put up my cross.

You know me so well.

What you imagined is that the current fucked-up state of American politics, which includes an unhinged far-right majority on the Supreme Court, in any way represents either (a) a negation of over a century of progress in the empowerment of women, much of it in the last 50 years or so, some of which I listed in the part that you inexplicably failed to quote, as if it didn’t exist, or (b) the rights and empowerment of women in the rest of the civilized world that is NOT affected by the Trump-infested SCOTUS. Nor does this irrelevant tangent about Roe v Wade have any bearing whatsoever on your claim that some mysterious conspiratorial “patriarchy” is controlling the English language.

I’m sorry that you find my challenges to your arguments inconvenient. Frankly I continue to get drawn in because of the sheer wrongness of your arguments, particularly the “patriarchy” part that implies that women are helpless housewives in a male-dominated world who have no impact whatsoever on media, on writing, or on the evolution of language. I’ll say it again: it’s not 1950 any more. Though even then it wasn’t completely true!

I disagree. The meaning of “hamstrung” is more obscure, whereas “crippled” is simple, succinct, and universally understood. Furthermore, to those who understand its literal meaning, it literally means “to cripple (by cutting the hamstrings)”. And to those who understand its figurative meaning, it’s most often used in the context of “rendered completely useless or powerless, or nearly so” which is not the intended meaning in the tech context. So, for several reasons, not at all a good choice.

Given evidence that a significant number of people with disabilities would take offense at someone saying “this IBM line printer model ‘x’ is just a crippled version of the otherwise identical model ‘y’” I would be (a) surprised, and (b) willing to accommodate their wishes. Meanwhile I’ll entertain the possibility that it’s as likely – or more likely – to be the result of the machinations of the kind of self-serving do-gooders that many issue advocacy organizations turn into when they become bloated bureaucracies.

Since I’d already defined the words in this very thread, and lots of other people said they didn’t know them, i don’t get how you don’t know them AND think you are expected to know them. When in fact, if you have read the thread, you now DO know them, and know that it’s not generally common to know them.

How do you generally learn new words? Either you figure it out by context, or you ask someone using it, or you look it up. Any of those work.

This is not what Patriarchy is, any more than Racism is striclty dudes in white robes burning crosses. Implying that anything that doesn’t rise to the level of women barefoot and pregnant is A-OK and unimpacted by patriarchy is extremely unhelpful.

It’s not mysterious, and it’s not conspiratory, but yes, the patriarchy still has a lot of influence over our language.

I don’t hang out with a lot of people with physical disabilities. But i do hang out with a lot of women in male-dominated fields, like coding. And I’ve heard from several that they feel “erased” by male-gendered language when it’s used to describe a group they are part of. I’ve especially seen women complain about being one of the “guys”.

I personally didn’t think starting a sentence addressed to a woman with “duuude” was a big deal. It’s not something i would have moderated, unless the person addressed said she was annoyed. It’s not something that would have annoyed me, had i been so addressed.

But i think you are going WAY too far in the other direction of you think the issues with gendered language have gone away.

Washing Waldo’s feet.