Decade trivia challenge!

Who’s up for a decade themed trivia challenge?

My personal decade(s) of knowledge are the 70s and 80s.

Rules: The questions will be media based, so no “What was the most popular selling car of 1967?” type questions. And it is limitied to the 1900-2000 decades.

First category: Music, 80s.

From what movie does the band Duran Duran get it’s name from, and name one hit song by Duran Duran.

I’m sure this will be fun. :slight_smile:

They got their name from the movie “Barbarella,” in which the villain was named Duran Duran. One of their hit songs was “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

This question is from the 80’s, and it’s a hard one. What Saturday morning cartoon featured a teenage band flung into a cartoon world and featured “videos” at the end of every episode?

Oh, and the person who gives the right answer chooses the next question. 3 chances per question.

Is it Kidd Radio?

Ooh, you’re so close! Think more visual.

Kid n’ Play?

Kidd Video… too good of a clue!

Back to 80’s music… Name on “Wall of Voodoo” hit

Wall of Voodoo, Mexican Radio.

Music, 80s.

What was the hit song by Fine Young Cannibals called?

Well, they had two huge hits- “Good Thing” and “She Drives Me Crazy.”

If we’re still stuck in the 80s, how about this:

"On November 21, 1987, the new #1 song was a re-make of a Sixties hit. The previous week, the #1 hit had been ANOTHER re-make of a song by the same artist.

Name the Sixties artist, the two cover songs, and the cover artists."

It was Billy Idol and Tiffany, doing Money, Money and I think I’m alone now, respectively.

Don’t know about the originial singer though.

[small hijack]
A lot of my knowledge comes from watching Pop up Video, reading music trivia/record books, and watching VH1 type shows. I didn’t grow up in either decades(I was born in 1988, but I doubt my memory is THAT good.) Yet I know more about the 70s and 80s than I do the 90s or the 00s :smiley:

I did technically answer 2/3rds of the question…

So I looked up the originial band, it’s Tommy James and the Shondells(and apparently it’s mony, mony. I was sure the chorus went “money, money to get away.”.)

So, next question.

What punk band was a big influence to Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain early in his music career?(bonus: what was Kurt Cobain’s first band called?)

Well, a LOT of punk bands influenced Cobain… But the Pixies spring to mind as an immediate precursor without whom Nirvana’s music wouldn’t have been the same.

Is that what you’re looking for? I don’t have a question ready; someone else ask one.

Nope, the Pixies (I believe) weren’t even started when Cobain got into this band.

Hint: Like the “Ramones”, this is a punk band with a “name” for a name.

Do you mean The Smiths? I don’t see much connection there, but maybe I’m wrong…


It’s more of a first name type name.

Do you all give up?

It’s The Melvins.
It’s anybodys turn, because I can’ think of any questons to ask. I need sleep.

This band had a minor hit with “Don’t Misunderstand Me”… name that band!

The Rossington-Collins Band, featuring Dale Krantz on vocals. (I loved her voice.)

If we’re still stuck on 80’s music, try this…

Everybody remember that the Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star” was the first video ever played on MTV. Well, shortly afterward, both members of the Buggles joined a much older, more famous band.

What band was it?