(Deceased) college basketball coach Frank McGuire: To whom married?

OK, this evening at a dinner I heard one of the members saying that Coach Frank McGuire’s first wife was Darla from the “Little Rascals.” I was reasonably sure that that was not true, as there is a cottage industry in former Rascals claimants. But I didn’t speak up, as I had nothing on-hand to refute it.

However, I have been unable to find the name of his first wife, to see if there was some similarity in the names.


I’m going to say no. Darla’s IMDB profile doesn’t say anything, and they usually get marriages right, esp if both people are known.

Kind of odd that I can’t seem to find ANY mention of Mcguire’s wife(s) though.

From this page:

No mention of McGuire.

From McGuire’s first wife’s obituary in the 1967 Washington Post.

I have to go to breakfast. If no one takes you beyond my reply, I’ll try to read some more newspapers.