I didn't know they were married!

I happened to see an old comedy show with Judy Tenuta today, and since I haven’t heard much about her in a decade or so, I went to IMDb to see what she’s been up to.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed in the biography section that she was married to Emo Phillips. I had no idea! Although it seemed quite right and fitting that two such quirky comedians should have hooked up. I guess they were too quirky to stay together, though: they’re divorced, apparently.

So who were you surprised to learn were a couple?

(I’ve put this in CS because I assume we’ll be talking about celebrities. You may have been surprised to find that your old high school girlfriend married the captain of the football team, but trust me, we’re not interested in hearing about it.)

Ok well I found out that two professors in my department are married. How much detail should I go into? I’m thinking 5-6 paragraphs?

Last night, I learned that Mutt Lange and Shania Twain are married. I was quite shocked. [Johnny Carson] I did not know that. [JC]

Diane Lane and Josh Brolin.

Many years ago, I was dumfounded (but delighted) when I learned that Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft were married. I loved these people, but somehow I had never imagined them as a couple. It was a good, long marriage, too: they stayed together for 41 years, when Anne died.

I thought of mentioning them in the OP as an unexpected couple. Thanks for mentioning them.

I was surprised to hear that Lalla Ward (who I knew as Romana from Dr Who) was married to Richard Dawkins - I’m a Dr Who fan and a Dawkins fan and that partnership was unexpected (but cool). :slight_smile:

Hmm…Emo occasionally mentions an evil ex-wife in his act…I wonder…

As to ‘hey, they’re together!’ moments…

They’re not, AFAICT, married, but comic book writer Jimmy Palmiotti is in a long term relationship with artist Amanda Connor. Which I found out just before the issue of Supergirl that Palmiotti and Justin Grey wrote, and Connor drew. And which surprised me since they do so little work together.

It’s long past, but I was shocked to learn that Peter Wolf of the J. Geils band was once married to Faye Dunaway.

I was surprised when I found out that Christopher Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis are married. Seems like a really odd pairing.

Because Christopher Guest is gay, you mean?

Not so odd for a gay man to marry a hermaphrodite…

(Doing my best to spread Urban Legends online for more than ten years…)

I remember being surprised that Bob Crane was married to Sigrid Valdis (Hilda of Hogan’s Heroes). A apartmentmate of mine when she first saw them together said, “My God, he married the secretary!” (This was before the details of Crane’s sex life were revealed.)

I was surprised to learn that the delightful Rashida Jones of The Office is the child of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton.

Until last year, I didn’t know William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman are married.

I was very surprised when I first learned that Allyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof were married… I guess I so strongly identify them with their Buffy/Angel characters, and Willow and Wesley would NEVER be a couple, even ignoring the gay factor. Plus he was from an entire older generation…

(lucky bastard)

For Daily Show fans, Jason Jones & Samantha Bee are married. It surprised me at first…but I can see it. :slight_smile:

Not married, but I was recently suprised to learn that singer and softcore porn star Vanesa Talor (well known for her great lesbian scene in Femalien 2, though my fave is her appearance in the “Nude Golf” ep of Chromium Blue) is or was the girlfriend of … Jerry Springer?

Hey, my respect for Springer went up a notch. A large part of Talor’s appeal, other than her very nice bod and matching face, is that she projects that whole “lusty wench” thing very well in her roles. I don’t think he married her for her cooking skills. (She sings very nicely, too.)

Agh! I just found this out a few hours ago, & came here to post it!

:mumble grumble:

Beth Howland (Vera on “Alice”) and Michael J. Pollard were married for eight years and had a daughter.