Deception via Latin phrases

I have always had a certain fascination with words and phrases. This fascination is not limited to the English language. There are many Latin phrases that inspire thought and reflection. Most of us are familiar with the phrase “quid pro quo” even if our original exposure to the phrase comes from the film/book “Silence of the Lambs”. But I recently came across a phrase that I simply can not stop thinking of.

It is not the phrase itself, or its literal translation, but what the translation actually means to us as a society, and what the implications of such words could be when you really think about it.

The phrase is MUNDUS VULT DECIPI, and means “the world wants to be deceived”, think about it, think about the information age we are in, think about how easily we could all become deceived!

Two recent books I have read have used this phraseology to evoke what the author is trying to develop within the story. The most recent of these novels was “Killing Time”, by Caleb Carr.

I would like each of you who read this post, to stop for a minute, and actually think about this phrase. Not the Latin words themselves, but the translation. And how true it really is. I would then like to invite your thoughts on our world, and how it seems we really do want to be ‘deceived’.

For it does not seem to matter where the article we are reading originates, what site it is on, or what other forms of media we originally became aware of the concept from (whether television, radio, newsprint, or yes – even in the fictional world), what seems most important is that the concept does exist. Whether it is factual, fabrication, advertising does not seem to matter.

We can be told almost anything, and a high percetage of us will believe it, without proof of legitimacy. We accept most things we see or read without even thinking about it. True the more complex the article, the fewer of us will believe it without substantiation , but it can be achieved, all that is really needed is the desire for us to share the information, then it will become more and more difficult to disprove as more and more of us become aware of the article.

I use the words “article” and “concept” simply to try and make my point. Although, as I said at the beginning of this entry, that I love words, it does not mean that I am the most adept at using them. I hope I have been successful in conveying my ‘concept’, and in turn, providing each of you a chance for its consideration.

Your views please?

What could you then do for me?