Declarations of love on bridges/overpasses.

I recently drove under a rail overpass that had “I LOVE YOU KARIN” scrawled in flourescent orange paint. What compels people do do this? Have you ever been the subject (victim) of bridge love? Have you ever been the artist (perp)? Ever seen anything particularly strange, funny or otherwise noteworthy?

Share your stories. Or I’ll paint your names on the nearest bridge. :smiley:

Not a direct answer to your question - sorry - but I’ve noticed that I really haven’t seen these outside of Cincinnati, when I lived there in the 90s. I haven’t noticed any in St. Louis or Ft. Myers, although Ft. Myers doesn’t have many overpasses to paint. Is this limited to a certain geographic region?

Apparently some dude named Jesus has been putting his name on overpasses for years. Not only that, but he feels inclined to tell everyone about his fiscal ingenuity. Jesus Saves? Where? With whom? Why should I care? Why am I typing this?

Spotted a while back on a US60 freeway overpass in Mesa, AZ
“Mesa girls give good head”

Ever hear a song called “John Deere Green?” It’s about a guy who proclaims his love on the water tower in…guess what color.

You misunderstood. Jesus is actually a hockey goalie.

“Jesus saves…Moses picks up the rebound…he shoots…HE SCORES!”

Heh. Perhaps it was the girls that put it there. You know, free advertising.

Actually, SanibelMan, I’ve seen less of the bridge art in say, the past 15 years. Or perhaps I’m just not looking for it. Now, If I drive into KC I can see some pretty interesting graffiti. I have noticed that graffiti has been on the decline for some reason.

I’m thinking about taking my crappy digital cam out with me on my regular travels. Just in case.

As a teenager a buddy of mine did this on a railroad bridge in the middle of nowhere. Way back in the woods, you needed a dirtbike or ATV to get there, or a good set of hiking boots.

Her name was Jessica and hated to be called Jess. He misjudged how big his letters were and how much space there was on the bridge. It only fit “I love jess”

He took his girlfriend back there to show her his devotion of love. She was so pissed she made him get more paint and cover it up.