Deconstructing songs I don't understand.


Bye, bye, Mr. Piazza Pie
Took a beanball to the noggin
When old Rog let one fly.
Then you were battered on by Patterson
when he let his bat fly.
You’re becoming one brain-damaged guy…


Biggirl - I’ve heard three explanations for these lyrics. None of them particularly convince me.

  1. a “chimney” is a northern UK term for a large bruise or mark. I don’t buy this because the Tamperer – who wrote the track – are three guys from from Italy, so why would they know this?

  2. There is an old wives tale that adulterous wives’ chimneys fall down. Again, I presume this is a UK specific thing, so I guess its not the real story.

  3. A chimney is apparently slang for a bodybag. If so, I have never heard it outside this context.
    My 2 cents – it’s a piece of nonsense verse that sticks in peoples memories because it is so odd.