Help me identify this soul(?) tune. . . .

Okay, the lead singer is a man that has a rich baritone, and sounds like a black soul singer (maybe Ray Charles?). He’s backed up by a chorus which chimes in periodically to accent the lyrics. Below is a garbled version of what I can remember, with parts where the chorus is singing bolded:

Tell me why we hold on with tears in our eyes
Tell me why I break down when I tell you goodbye
Tell me why I can’t see . . . . .[something, something]

I’ve tried Googling this, but nothing popped up that seemed to match.

Oswald’s (or something like that) Love Fire?

I tried Googling that too, but nothing came up. This is starting to eat at me.

Winder of wonders, I think I’ve found it. Curtis Stiger, whoever HE is, sings a song with lyrics like so:
And I wonder why we hold on
with tears in our eyes,
and I wonder why
we have to break down to just
make things right.
And I wonder why
I can’t seem
to tell you goodbye
yeah, I wonder why
I’m no angel
with my selfish pride
but I love you more every day*

What’s confusing is that I can’t pin down the name of the tune. it’s either “Love Is A Hunger,” or “I Wonder Why”

Did you tryKissthisguy?