Trying to find a song's title

Okay, so one of my friends played this song for me and I really liked it. He doesn’t know who it is by or what it is called and it’s driving me crazy. It’s chorus is, as far as I can tell, something like:

“I’d rather be the queen on the guillotine,
In a bloody insurrection,
I’d rather be the king when the rooks took wing,
Than losing you affection”

I’m sure that’s not quite right, as I don’t have the song to listen to, now. I’d be very happy if someone could tell me the name and artist and/or where it is from.

Losing Your Affection.

Google Is Your Friend.

Thanks, I tried googling it, but my internet connection is flaky as hell right now and it wasn’t going well. Now I can happily say I know what it’s called. Like I said, thanks.

No prob. :slight_smile:

Hey, I’ve got one. I know the odds of anyone knowing aren’t good since the stations I listen to tend to play songs quite early, but it’s worth a shot.

I think the song is new; I’ve only heard it once so far (last week). It sort of sounded like At The Drive-in, vocals-wise, but since they broke up, it obviously isn’t them. Does anyone know which of the two new bands formed by the former members the lead singer is in? I could check lyrics there if, maybe.

The only lyrics I can remember are " Good eye" and then followed later by " Sharp shooter."

The lead singer is in The Mars Volta, but it’s the other band, Sparta, that has a brand-new album out.

That aside, I think the song you might be thinking of is Coheed and Cambria’s “A Favor House Atlantic” (The hook lyric is something like “Good eyed sniper, I shoot, you run / The words you scribbled on the wall / The loss of friends you didn’t have…”)

Damn, you’re good :smiley: