Deep Discount DVD

So has anyone ordered DVD’s from this company. Are they good and reliable. They do have excellent prices. Just wanted to know what experiences folks have had with them.


I had a great experience with them. I ordered the box set of Blackadder DVDs, and when they hadn’t come in two weeks, I called them to see what was up. They overnighted me the set right away. Of course, the original set came two days later, so if anyone out there wants a good deal on a still sealed set…

Just kidding.

I’ve ordered from them a few times, and so far haven’t had any problems. Although the shipping takes a while, hey, it’s free. And the DVDs themselves are really cheap. Everything arrived in good condition, so nothing wrong there.

I’ve ordered from them several times and never had any problems.

I’ve never had any problems with their service either, and I actually get my DVDs earlier than the expected date.

Bought a few things from them without any problems.

It’s a good company. I’ve bought a load of DVDs from there. Shipping usually isn’t a problem unless of course the item is back ordered. Otherwise, it takes about 5 days to my house. I can live with that. The selection is TREMENDOUS!

It’s also worth mentioning that they appear to have a sister site: deepdiscountcds. (The layout’s exactly the same, but I did have to sign up separately for both sites, so I dunno.)

I’ve bought a bunch of DVDs from them, and I definitely recommend them.

Cool, thanks for the replies.

I’ve ordered fromt hem lots of times. Never had any problems! Love their prices!

Since I live iN SE Minnesota (and I think they ship from Indianapolis), I usually get thier DVDs pretty quickly (I’ve ordered on Monday and got them on Friday, tho it has taken longer) You can always pay for faster shipping if that is an issue.

Note that they don’t always have the cheapest price for an individual title, they often are the cheapest for a random selection of titles I order. Even if they aren’t the cheapest, they are my retailer of choice.


For box sets, there’s simply no comparison; they’re one of my shordurpersavs.

Absolutely love them. Five days tops for shipping. Can’t beat that for free. I once made a mistake and ordered two copies of the same movie. They had me refuse one and put it back in the mail. Since they dind’t charge me shipping in the first place, I didn’t lose anything at all on the deal.

Another satisfied customer here.