How long have your orders from Deep Discount DVD taken to arrive?

Let’s say orders you’ve made in the past six months.

I ordered a DVD from them on the 14th, got an e-mail saying it was being shipped on the 16th, and it’s still not here yet :mad:

I haven’t ordered from them in years, so I’m wondering if there’s something about what method of shipping they use that is accounting for it being two weeks and counting with no dvd. All I can say is that I’m glad that I didn’t order anything from them for Christmas gifts…

I buy from them every few months, and as long as an item is in stock, usually get it within one business week under their free shipping plan. Last purchase was perhaps six weeks ago, and it arrived more quickly than did an order placed the same day.

That said, if you used their free shipping, it is sent USPS Media Mail, which has no guaranteed delivery speed and might even have delivery deferred.

Most seem to come within a week, I have had one take as long as two and a half weeks. Haven’t ordered within the last few months from them though. Can’t hurt to shoot them off an e-mail and see what they say (although it will probably say wait a few more days).

I usually order about 10 at a time and it takes between 1 and 2 weeks.

I didn’t realize they were still around. I haven’t used them for at least five years, but I seem to remember them being slow.

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