Def Leppard in concert

Just announced that Def Leppard is performing at Wrigley this summer. Loved them in the 80s, but what’s the current band that’s touring like? Basically a tribute band? Journey is also playing that night which I assume is a tribute band.

Looks like Def Leppard has kept the same personnel for awhile.

Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott Talks Massive Tour With Journey

Of course, if I go, I’ll have to wear a Union Jack tank top!
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I believe Journey is the glory days line-up, minus Steve Perry. They found a singer with a similar sound and range so the songs sound about the same. I seem to recall he is a karaoke singer from the Philippines.

Not sure about who is playing in Def Leppard these days, tho.

Def Leopard is still good if you like them.

Arnel Pineda. He was considerably more than a karaoke singer; he was a professional singer for many years, performing in several bands in the Philippines and Hong Kong.

Immediately prior to being recruited to join Journey in 2007, he was performing in a Filipino band that did covers of songs of American rock bands, including Journey. Neil Schon saw videos of Pineda and his band on YouTube, and invited Pineda to come to the U.S. to audition.

They’ve had the same lineup (Joe Elliott, Rick Savage, Rick Elliott, Phil Collen, and Vivian Campbell) since 1992, when Campbell replaced Steve Clark on guitar. The rest of the band has been unchanged since 1982.

Ah, so Viv Campbell is back with Def Leppard. IIRC, he had been diagnosed and treated for cancer, and had been subbed for a bit. Good to see he is in good health. Great, great player.

minor guitar trivia: I was listening to a guitar podcast interview of Phil Collen. He is known for playing his signature Super Strat style guitar, made by Grover Jackson. Those are known for being strung with light-ish gauged strings - e.g., .09’s or .10’s. Collen plays with '.13’s!! That’s super-heavy gauge, Stevie Ray Vaughn territory!! No wonder he still looks muscular when he plays with his shirt off in his 50’s! :wink:

Having seen both bands live several times in the past few years, I can personally testify that they’ve still got it.

And IMO, Arnel Pineda is a far better vocalist than Steve Perry. For comparison’s sake, here’s the group’s studio re-recording of “Don’t Stop Believing” with Arnel on lead.

Arnel is certainly better than Steve Perry is now. Better than Perry in his prime? No.

I will say though that with Arnel in the band it is truly Journey. With Steve Augeri, it really did feel like a tribute band. I believe Steve Smith is back with the band now too, so it’s all classic lineup except for Perry.

I play with .010’s but tried putting .012’s on my Strat once just to see what they felt like, and it was already like steel cables (though I liked the sound!). I can’t even imagine .013’s!

I play with .12’s on my homebrew Tele. I have no issues bending up a step and a half. I love the stiffer feel - when I play fingerstyle I can really strum and pop the strings. But I am not Mr. Locking Trem/Floyd Rose pyrotechnics, the way Phil is.

That’s pretty cool, I do like that sound. Did you ever post any of your playing here? It would be interesting to hear. :slight_smile:

I don’t post much video-wise. I can think about it - playing a guitar set up for a heavy right hand is fun and has its own tone.

As said above, you would be very wrong on both counts. Both bands put on an awesome show. If you like their music, you really should go.

12-60 for me now that I have the Warbeast… I want the feel and sound of heavy thick steel cables being struck: I have goals, eh.

I was never a big fan of Journey but Def Leppard were on the better-than-average side of rock radio. I have worked concerts for both bands back in the day and I can say that while Journey (with Steve Perry) really worked the crowd in a Stevie Nicks kinda way, Def Leppard were mostly focused on rocking.

I’ve seen both bands in concert twice, and I’ll say Def Leppard kicked ass both times. Journey, I saw once with Steve Augeri and once with the new guy, Arnel Pineda. I didn’t love Pineda, but I know I’m in the minority on that.

I’m not a big Def Leppard fan but I went to their show in London, ON a few years ago when Billy Idol opened and I thought they were fantastic. I later took my husband to their show in Hamilton when Lita Ford and Poison opened and they were fantastic then too. This was in the recent past so I assume they’d still be great in concert. I’d go again.

The drummer from Def Leppard’s only got one arm!

Yes, and it was huge news when it happned a couple decades ago.