Define "ophiophile"

I found this amusing site:The NNDB which tracks 'Famous People," (I note they are so far respecting my privacy.

They call La Toya Jackson “a confirmed ophiophile.” Keeping in mind this is not the most academic of sites, it might be a misspelling of “oenophile,” but I suspect it is some sort of snarky comment about something.

Any thoughts? It is bedtime here.

google says “ophiophilia” is a love of snakes

Well, the OED defines ophiology as “The branch of zoology that deals with snakes. Also: a treatise on snakes.”

Didn’t she pose with a giant snake for an album cover? (I know about Natassia Kinski (sp?) with the snake by Avendon, so please, no need to remind me of that, though the correct spelling of her name would help…

Life is funny.

I went to the site in the OP, entered ‘John Irving’ in their search box, to see what they had to say about one of my favorite authors. Reading his bio, I find that a certain actress was in a poor movie made from one of his better books.

Nastassja Kinski.

Somebody’s having Fun With Words, and showing off.

Gypsy Rose Lee reportedly thought H.L. Mencken was being the same kind of show-off when he came up with “ecdysiast”, which she didn’t like.
A “oenophile” is a wino with money.

ophiophile = The undying lisping love of Ron Howard.

Thanks to all. (I couldn’t sleep; I am up at 0441 local, I wonder why.)