Define "Politically Correct" + Give 2 examples in your life worth raging at

I don’t worry about PC. But lots of people do. These days I am being reminded that I need to worry about whole rafts of people who care a lot, and are guided in their political lives by this thing.

So what is it?

And how did your heinie get all bruised?

PC is denying reality and attempting to silence others in order to advance an ideological orthodoxy.

Worth raging at? Since I do and say what I want anyways I’m not sure if rage is the right verb. But I do find many aspects troubling such as left wing college students and their inane protests about free speech being hate speech or telling others what sort of food they can cook or costumes they can wear. Or even on this board with the hand wringing about plucking an eyebrow. At some point, outrage becomes farcical.

I have previously observed that “Political Correctness” is NOT saying you shouldn’t use the term “fruitcake” to describe someone of other than standard mental processes. We can all agree on that.

“Political Correctness” is saying that, because “fruitcake” has been used that way in the past, it should not today be used to describe a candied confection containing dried fruit and nuts.

Got any real life examples?

“Political Correctness” is what assholes claim is the reason they are being labeled as “assholes”. In reality, 95% of the time, they are being labeled “assholes” because they are acting in an “assholish” way, rather than because of “Political Correctness”.

Mmhmm… women forced to close a burrito shop because of PC-ness was them actually being “assholes.” Which in itself is, at this point, a cliched and disingenuous label used far too often as a tool of delegitimization.

Like what happened to the Dixie Chicks?
PC, it’s not just for the Left.

Or Colin Kaepernick. You are definitely correct and I’m not opposed to admitting it.

Donald Trump is not PC…he “tell’s it like it is.”

I don’t know if that helps with coming up with a definition, but it helps me decide that being PC is better than not being. Who wants to look like the jackass braying from the White House?

Am I supposed to know what you’re talking about?

I suspect ol’ 8 arms was speaking of this:

Press on.

Maybe not. My apologies.

Hopefully the Washington Post is not a bad source.

I agree with this and the percentage is about right. 5% of the time it does seem to be an accurate charge but that’s not very often.

That’s the 5% of the time when assholes label non-asshole people as racist for no good cause.


Stupid politically correct people on campus!

More deplatforming by campus radicals

They’ve taken over governments with their PC shenanigans!

I understand why conservatives are so concerned about the threat of leftwing political correctness. How dare liberals steal their schtick!


And this^

Not this, this is a story about cultural appropriation. Why would you pick this as an example? And couldn’t you have thrown the word “cuck” into your post? Sad!

Or when JC Penney was boycotted because they hired Ellen as spokesperson.

Or when Kuerig was boycotted because they pulled their ads from Hannity?

Or that whole war on Christmas thing?
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I would define PC, as current standards of polite discourse as applied to social groups. It can be picayune and annoying.

I have yet to suffer any catastrophic trauma as a result of this social plague.

I can make up new insults real fast.
FWIW, I think it’s the wrong approach. When a word is made to seem evil, bad, or outlawed you give it and the concept behind it power.

PC is enforcement of social norms through shaming for holding individuals accountable for their actions.


Race pity/denial of agency based on skin color or ethnicity

Right and left:

Military worship

The term is completely bankrupted by specious usage, and now is meaningless.

It shouldn’t be used at all anymore.