Definition of "active member"

the Dope has 107,000 plus members, only 10,000 plus of whom are “acive” - how is that determined? By posting? And is it ANY post, even if one member signed up 7 years ago, made 5 posts and never posted again, or posting in the last year, or…?

Or is “active” determined by a member simply stopping by? (You know when we’re here, whether we post or not…)

Just curious.

I wanna say Active Members are the ones who’ve logged in in the past 60 days.

See here.

I hate when I do that!

At least it wasn’t a matter of checking with The Google. :wink:

This is correct. The number is presently 11,725. It can found in the lower left corner of the main forum page.

“Members” includes anyone who has ever registered. Most members never post.

[Butthead] I have an Active Member. [/Butthead]

[Beavis] Yeah, yeah! [/Beavis]