Defund the police is a great idea - to help Trump

That idea will scare people right into voting for Trump. I can imagine the commercials of rapists, robbers, murderers , etc. roaming free. Right now the election looks like a slow ground ball to 1st base for Biden, an easy out. Bringing up ideas like defund the police makes it much harder.

That’s not how it works…

No, but it is an easy sale to make it look like that. I fully support the actual concept, but feel it is unfortunate that it has been named as it has and that it is gaining steam heading into a national election.

It was designed to be punchy and to attract controversy and panic.

Seem to me, whoever came up with this slogan has learned all the wrong lessons from Trump and is trying to intentionally create negative reaction.

If the slogan puts the idea of “no more police”, “crime sprees now unchecked”, or “anarchy and no one to stop it” into people’s heads, it will be a good thing for Trump. Trump and Co. are already using it against Biden. Those who favor it would do well to spell out, specifically, every time it comes up, what it is, exactly, they’re proposing.

Like **RickJay **said in the other thread, it’s a horrible messaging slogan. It gives exactly the wrong notion. (Assuming that “defund the police” means reducing them in size and changing their mission/tactics, not outright abolishing all cops.)

It’s basically self-straw-manning oneself. Trump and the GOP couldn’t ask for a better slogan for Democrats to embrace, given the connotations of crime-run-amok that it will immediately generate in swing voter’s minds.

Willie Horton ad

Sure, but there is a huge gap between reality and perception.

This would be like someone saying, “Ban gun ownership” …and then “clarifying” that they really only mean restricting certain types of assault rifles.

There was any number of easy slogans they likely considered but which failed to provide sufficient controversy:

Reform the Police
Transform the Police
Demilitarize the Police
Humanize the Police

Hell, use their own slogan of “Serve and Protect” against them to remind some of them what their duty is to the public.

I’m sure there are a number of other clever slogans that could have been promoted.

But No. They chose this bullshit.

And now, Van Jones, has to take great pains to try to explain what they really mean by “Defund the Police” on CNN. And I could see the expression on his face this morning all… ‘My dudes. What the fuck?!’

Well, Biden has already publicly dismissed the idea of "defund the police’ so this all seems rather moot.

Voters are affected to a great extent by messages beyond merely what their own candidate or opposing candidate put forward. Plenty of people are motivated to vote (D) or ® based off of some celebrity’s twitter feed, or jousting with people online on Facebook, or some billboard they see, or super-PAC television ad.

Tell that to the citizens/voters of MN

He just did.

They don’t want to defund the police either. Most people want reforms and improvements and perhaps a less militarized presence.

The slogan is obnoxious and plays into Trump & Co. hands.

The message is entirely different.

I see some attempts on twitter to change it to “we need a new blue.”

I like that better than defund the police. It seems pretty dumb to give disingenuous folks such an easy slogan to pervert.

Emotions are raw, it will eventually be rebranded into something else.

It’ll probably be re-branded as reallocate, reorganize, rebuild, or reform - or some combination of those.

Yes. And everyone who uses it should be told “Trump thanks you for your support.”

Any slogan that has to be explained is a bad slogan. ‘It gets attention’ is no excuse–the protests were getting plenty of attention before this pro-Trump slogan was dreamed up.

“Demilitarize the Police” or “Reform the Police” or “Police Reform Now” or “No More Police Abuse” or…just about anything, would be better than “Defund the Police.”

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This was all over the Biden volunteer slack channels today. And I’m glad. The phrase needs to be quashed and quickly. It may be a favorite of the most strident activists but they’re not the types that will win the election. In fact, many of them won’t be voting Biden at all, their politics are on the far left. But Defund the police can be the next Basket of Deplorables or Put coal miners out of business.

If you’re explaining, you’re losing. And requiring a 3 paragraph answer to what Defund the police means is losing.

Many of those suburban voters Biden will need only have contact with the police when their teen is caught with a six pack of beer or they get a speeding ticket in some small town speed trap.

While there is a lot of work to be done with reforming the police, defunding the police is about the worst way to handle it. I’m 100% sure that if I logged into Twitter there’s calls to take police budgets and use it to fund M4A or pay off everyone’s student loans. This type of electoral insanity needs to stop and quickly.

Think we cross posted but YES!
‘Make America Great Again’ did not need any explanation.

But what about about slavery and the trail of tears and Jim Crow and the role of women…? That wasn’t a good response to MAGA as a slogan.

Yes. Well-crafted slogans hit people on a gut level (even if the message is pernicious, as with MAGA). They don’t confuse.

You’re right about the people who are clinging to the Defund one—many of them are not going to vote for the Democratic candidate (presumably Biden) anyway. But they can do a lot of harm, nonetheless.

“Defund the police” makes the people yelling it feel powerful. That’s a nice feeling, but it won’t last long if Trump stays in. It won’t last long at all.

There’s a better way to feel powerful–use slogans that can’t be used against us, maximize voting turnout, and turn both the White House and the Senate Democratic (while keeping the House). That will be a good feeling.

Yeah, when the videos of looting and mayhem run nonstop during the general election we’ll see how prophetic the OP was.