Deja vu? Oh well, no help for it. Der Trihs, your presence is required

I know this is like reporting rare phenomena such as moonrises, rainfall and the suckitude of the England Rugby team, but I am getting so, so tired of the constant frenzy that is Der Trihs’s opinions on religion, the Church, and abortion. There may be more to moan about, but these’ll do for now. In his latest effort, Der Shite trots out the usual spew on Catholic paedophiles, but tosses in this little gem:

(bolding mine)

But he starts to get really into his stride once people start arguing that, y’know, some pro-lifers actually might be interested in saving the life of the helpless unborn. It’s not about that, says Der Trite. Instead… well, here are some quotes (Italicised text is other posters’ input, for context):

[ul]As I’ve said elsewhere, it’s all about malice. People are “pro-life”, pro-war and pro-death penalty all at the same time because all of those things are about hurting and killing, and that’s what many people want out of life more than anything else.
[li](There are many that would consider any hardship that woman has to go through to be minor (or at the least lesser) compared to the alternative; the destruction of life.) Misogynists, in other words. “Let the bitch suffer !”[/li][li]It’s not a case of denigrating the right of women to lead happy lives, it’s a case of putting life itself way, way higer above that. In other words, women have less value than a few cells. Less than a man, less than a dog, less than a rat, less than a spot of mold on the wall. Misogyny.[/li][li]Since when have “pro-lifers” shown anything but utter contempt for the lives and health of women ?[/li][li]Please; they just want to use the fetus as a weapon to punish the woman, and as a victim once it’s born.[/li][li](when called on the “rat” thing: )What are you babbling about ? They don’t care about rats; they hate women; that’s what “misogynist” means.[/li][li]*In the same vein, I’ll now ask you whether such people would kill a woman to save a dog.*Of course; they want women to die because they are women.[/li][li](and then of course) I already mentioned the Mexico City Policy; that’s killed quite a few women, and saved no one at all. I’m sure they’d throw in a dog or two. [/li]Or not; the dog thing is a red herring, and you know it. The point is that the anti-abortion movement is about hostility to women and children; not “saving babies” or anything else. (rather oddly overlooking the source of the rubicund fish)
[li](when challenged as to why pro-lifers would allow abortions to save the mother’s life) Easy; I don’t believe them. They know that most people here won’t put up with condemning American women to death, so they lie and say it’s OK to get an abortion to save her life. If they could, they’d chain every pregnant woman to a bed to make sure she didn’t get an abortion, and if she died they’d gloat over the corpse.[/li][/ul]

Now, in pity’s name, I am reluctant to pit Der Trihs. It must really suck to be him - an accident of birth who, but for a few recalcitrant chromosomes, might have aspired to the general level of intellect and clear thinking that is the preserve of the anencephalic moron. It is no easy row to hoe being the maniac in the attic that the well-bred family of pond scum is forced to pretend does not exist. I know all that. I know that the sight of Der Trihs is such as to turn the strongest stomach, that the stench of him would corrode palladium, that his general repellence is such that, if stranded on a raft in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, continental drift would accelerate measurably. And it must really, really suck to the n[sup]th[/sup] degree to have such a tainted, toxic, nihilistic outlook on life to believe that everyone who doesn’t toe the line on his views on the unborn must necessarily value women so little that they would as soon exterminate one to preserve a patch of mould… but I really don’t feel this can go on.

I mean, does the venom, bile, and general pavement-pizza spew of which the above is only an example (although, to be sure, represents Der Trihs’s more deathless utterances) actually represent views that anything farther up the evolutionary scale than a nemotode could seriously entertain for five minutes? Or is the little cunt just doing it for the attention?

[ul]Does Der Trihs regenerate three hit points per round until burned or doused in acid?
[li]Or does he use leaden armour and weapons because iron burns his skin?[/li][li]Or is he constantly plagued with capriform ungulates using his roof as a convenient right-of-way to verdant pastures?[/li][/ul]

I think we should be told. Seriously, this is getting tiresome, dude.

Oh, is it that time again? He has seemed to be a bit off his leash lately. I don’t know, it’s hard to get mad anymore. He’s like the Village Idiot. Everybody feels a little bit smarter and less batshit insane for having him around.

But do carry on, maybe a good pounding will get him to dial it back a notch to merely batpiss insane.

You left out one possibility:

Is he a naked, asexual being with Don King hair?

You’ve heard the saying “you can’t teach a pig to sing”, right?

That’s pretty much why I’ve stopped responding to his bile. You’ll be much happier when you can look at a thread, say “oh, him again”, and then move on to the posts that are worth responding to.

Off his leash? Off his fuckin’ meds, I’d say, except that’s an insult to the bipolar people we have round here who actually manage to keep their shit together on a regular basis.

I’ve found that if you catch him on some thread in CS that doesn’t have any “issues” attached to it, Der Trihs is actually capable of carrying on a coherent, logical, rational conversation. Otherwise…yeah. :rolleyes:
“Buck Buck Number 3…”

Give the devil his due, I’ll agree with that.

But the other stuff, it’s like watching Pavlov’s dog… which wouldn’t be so bad, except that drool is gross and you get it all over you whether you want it or not. The bell rings, be it religion or abortion or some other hot button (I really don’t catalogue them), and out comes the drool, and there’s no stopping it. :rolleyes:

I’ve not been very impressed by Der Trihs’ postings thus far.

At the same time, are there cites to show the accuracy of this paraphrased gem? “There are many that would consider any hardship that woman has to go through to be minor (or at the least lesser) compared to the alternative; the destruction of life.”

If that’s how people are actually posting, I can understand (but not excuse) DT’s quoted responses.

Extremism (or drool) tends to beget more of the same.

That was a quote from me, but it was me giving an example of what some people think, not my personal view (i’m pro-choice). I’d say that there were posters who believe that life overrides any harship on the woman herself on these very boards, actually.

He’s also a little obsessive with mentioning rape whenever I mention something about Iraq.

I really should have known better than to try and ask him for facts instead of his ranting about people wanting women to die. What can I say, my better judgement was still having a smoke break I guess.

Just earlier I noticed his off-topicness (I invented that word. You owe me $10 everytime you use it! Patent Pending! :smiley: ) in the thread about what you would do if you had superpowers. A thread that was, clearly, nothing more than silly fun.

That post, in a thread where people are joking about skiing conditions, x-ray vision, and making super-cool hero outfits.

It just seemed. . . out of place.

I like this little gem from the superpowers thread:

OK, pointedly fixing on one thing that he thinks is destroying mankind, check. Excessive use of punctuation, check. Syntax that would make a retarded monkey blush, check. His spelling is too good, but other than that, we have a full-fledged Internet misfit weirdo on our hands.

On the other hand, I have to give Trihs credit where credit is due. At least he flames all religions. Most weirdoes who rant like this tend to focus on the Jews.

Another Pitting of our very own calm, rational, selfless, benevolent saint that knows what’s best for us all? Good to know some things didn’t change.

I wonder if Mussolini was clairvoyant. Der Trihs’ dickishness happens regularly enough you could set a train schedule to it.

Oh, come on. That is totally unfair. The quoted bit has great punctuation. Real Internet Misfit Weirdos use excessive puctuation at the end of a sentence and not nearly enough in it. Still a frickin nutjob though.

I’m sorry, flight, but when you feel the need for more than one semicolon in your post to make your point, you have officially lost the puncuation wars.

That’s a very important point in my list of rules . . . which, admittedly, I sort of made up off the top of my head just now, but still, he is a genuine Internet Misfit Weirdo.

Der Trihs is the consumate idiot. Ignore him just like you ignore other random piles of dogshit you happen to see in your day to day life.

Nahh, he’s too fun to ignore. He’s more like those wooden helicopters with the rubber bands I used to play with as a child. Wind him up and watch him take off.

Also, don’t knock the dogshit. I might not like looking at it, but at least dogshit doesn’t go out of its way to try to piss me off.

And just where the HOLY FUCK have you been then, eh? I thought you left the boards, man.
Um, the OP is either right or an idiot, I don’t care, just saying hey to R_L
[end hijack]

He makes Reeder look intelligent and objective.