Der Trihs, do you realize how goofy you come across?

This is one of the mildest, least aggressive and inflammatory posts I’ve seen from you. Your argumentative style just blows my mind.

Do you see how little substance there is in that post? You aren’t even arguing anything. You’re just spitting stupid little hateful soundbytes in drive-by posts, apparently trying to cause as much annoyance as possible. Please stop doing this. You’re just wasting my fucking time having to read this bullshit.

In almost every thread you enter in GD, your own “side” is annoyed and embarassed by your idiotic, petulant anger. I know, because I’m one of them. What the fuck is wrong with you? Can’t you just argue like everyone else? Make a point, support it with evidence, and then explain how your point is more valid than the opposing one. What you’re doing isn’t even communication, it’s just the conversational equivalent of writing your name in the snow with a stream of piss. At least “Der Trihs was here” is shorter.

Well, sure, but he makes me look centrist. I get a kick out of that.

Is it that time of month already?

He’s channeling Stoid, but the excessive and excited punctuation is still missing. We’d better up his dose.

Do not interfere with the experiment.

You only say that because you hate basement-dwellers and want to see them killed, or worse. That’s probably due to the hate instilled in you by your evil religion. I regard your type as the worst scum that humanity has ever produced.

No, no. The worst scum that humanity has produced are religious U.S. troops in Iraq.

Dude needs to get laid, but his own vitriol seems to get in the way and fucks up his chances.

As opposed to religious Iraqi troops?

(note: I don’t think any of them are scum)

That’s an abomination, a monstrosity. I find you repulsive. Next thing your people will be setting children on fire and dancing to your make believe perversion of a monstruous monstrosity that is a monster of monstrative monstrification. Monster.

They’ll probably make women eat their own aborted fetuses, and then wear clapboards around their necks, proclaiming “I ATE MY BABY”. They’ll send abortion doctors to re-education camps, and sell their wives and children as sex slaves. To accomplish this, all Bush has to do is write something in the margins of a bill he signs. I blame all this on God, which I most emphatically don’t believe in.

Parodying Der Trihs. At least, I think it was parody. Possibly just mocking. And I don’t know, he tends to focus more on the U.S. troops.

(note: I think there are probably some scum among both, but i’m not with Der Trihs on this).

As he once noted no one knows what he does outside of these boards. He could be one of the worlds greatest humanitarians. I see no reason to doubt he is good person. Many say here what they fear to speak in the open.

I see no reason to believe his any different from what he posts here. And if he says here what he “fears” to say in the open, that would mean that he believes what he says. How would that be any indication that he’s a “good person”? One would have to believe he is able to completely repress his true feelings about the world-- not something your ordinary person can do.

Don’t kid yourself.


Oh, I think he knows. I have two ideas of what is going on with him, and I go back and forth as to which one I think is correct. One is that he’s invented this persona to get a rise out of everyone, and laughs and laughs when people take the bait, as they inevitably do. The other is that this is actually his real-life personality, and that he does hate the world as much as he indicates on this board.

I’m not sure which of these I find more sad.

It seems like poor ol’ Trihs gets pitted every couple days. Someone should create a “best of” list so we can reminisce about how badly he has outraged people. Sometimes I think his whole purpose in life is to be a reference point so people could see how not to behave.

He comes across as articulate and intelligent if a tad biased towards the USA, why I dunno.

Anyways, I kinda like the guy

Biased towards the USA? Towards? Against is more like it. I mean, I’m not all gung-ho about the patriotic crap, waving the rah-rah rag, and all that. But Der Trihs is like an atheistic Fred Phelps about it. God-or-whatever hates America.

Me too, actually.


I haven’t agreed with him yet, and his arguments are usually less coherent (and considerably less well written) as those by other very liberal sorts, like ** BrainGlutton ** or ** elucidator **, I have to admit that if I started a politically-related thread, and Der Trihs didn’t show up and take a dump in it, I’d be somewhat crushed.

Also… I’m willing to bet that he got/gets picked on a lot in real life. His writing just has that odor of petty persecution that you usually get from the 17 year old kid who gets swirlies from the jocks.

My impression of Der Trihs is that he has the potential to make compelling, intelligent arguments. That he frequently chooses to instead demonize those he disagrees with to such a ludicrous degree is a shame, as he ends up being worse than useless in changing anyone’s mind or having any sort of positive or meaningful effect. The net effect is that he makes positions I agree with look ridiculous and he’s annoying as fuck.

I’m sure he feels that by basking in the absolute righteousness of his convictions he’s adhering to some high standard, but really he’s just masturbating. (Not literally. I hope, anyway.)