Deleted Columns?

This may just be a brain cramp on my part. If so, I do apologize.

I seem to remember a column (I can’t remember whether it was Cecil’s or a Staff Report) that made reference to a cave in Africa that may or may not be the source of some particularly nasty viruses such as Marburg or Ebola. (Further investigation on my part elsewhere identified the cave (I believe) as Kitum in Kenya.) However, now I can’t seem to find that column when searching the archives.

Have columns been deleted along with message board posts? Or am I just misremembering? Or do I just have lousy search skills?

I don’t recall a column or a staff report with that info . . . but memory is a faulty thing sometimes.

We rarely remove a column or a staff report from the archives . It has happened a time or two but not often. For example, Cecil’s column on Santa Claus only runs around Christmas Eve . . . just like Santa. :slight_smile:

Something that is becoming clearer to me each passing day. Damn, I really thought that I read that here. Oh well…

Thanks for the response.