Recent columns

On the SD archive page, the columns-by-week end with 12-29-00. Where’re the columns for this year? Excuse me if this has been asked to death, but I’ve been all over Unca Cece’s website & can’t find the answer. thanx

I don’t know why the archive hasn’t been updated. You can click on “previous week” from any of Cecil’s recent columns to get the rest. The ones from this year are:
How does a siphon work? 01/01/05
What’s the story on that weird medieval cult, the flatulents? Plus: do the Chinese use Chinese water torture? 01/01/12
Traditionally Eskimos ate only meat and fish. Why didn’t they get scurvy? 01/01/26
What’s up with the “cocaine mummies”? 01/01/26
Are there nine Eskimo words for snow (revisited)? 01/02/02