Deleting apps from an LG Tribute phone

I have an LG Tribute phone, which was basically the only option when I signed up with Virgin. It has extremely limited space. I tried to install Uber on it, and it said I didn’t have enough space. I tried to install Facebook on it, and it said it didn’t have enough space. Here’s the thing, I keep getting message notifications from Facebook, even though the phone told me it couldn’t be installed. So I’d like to remove whatever’s there.

So I see a bunch of apps. I don’t know what I need to keep, and what I can safely get rid of. Best not to touch them right now. (Anyway, the ones I checked have an ‘uninstall update’ option but no ‘uninstall app’ option.) Go over to Widgets. There’s a lot of crap there I’m sure I can delete. Why have a widget for a clock, when I already have an app for one? I click on the vertical line of three dots in the upper-right of the screen. I choose Uninstall Apps. It doesn’t seem to do anything.

How do I get rid of all of the crap on my phone? (Oh, and I don’t see Facebook anywhere on my phone.)

Do you have a way to back up your phone? If so, do a factory reset, and then restore.

This phone only has 4GB of memory. It’s gonna be hard to have any apps other than the mandatory ones. You might have to uninstall and reinstall whichever one you need at the time.

If the phone is locked into your carrier, you most likely won’t be allowed to delete the hundreds of megabytes of worthless crap that they cram onto it. One thing you could try to do is “move the app to the SD card” (which is what Android calls the option.) It actually moves only part of an app, but you might be able to offload enough from the internal memory to be useful.