Deleting cookies in Vista

I want to delete specific cookies in Vista. I can’t find the cookies folder. If I go to Tools…Delete browsing history… I can eliminate ALL cookies but I just want to delete those from one website. I did a computer search for cookies with no results. And the help menu only tells me how to delete All Cookies. Any suggestions?

What type of browser are you using. There are different ways for different types.

If you’re using IE8 you do this

Look for the menu uptop

Tools -> Internet Options -> General (Tab)

Under the “Browsing History” select sSttings -> View Files

Your cookies are stored here.

To make it easier once you are there in the upper right, there is a search box. Type the word Cookie in and it will filer just for cookies

If you’re using another browser let us know which one it is

IE7 but your suggested method work there too. Thanks.