Democratic Madness: Semifinal 1

Vote for one Democratic primary candidate:

Kamala Harris. She has Washington experience, unlike Hick, and she seems to have steel. The President should be a little intimidating, & I think she has that.

I’m abstaining from this one. It’s looking like it will be Harris and Brown in the final unless all this talk about Jamaica or whatever triggers a Hickenlooper upset.

Harris, still my #1 choice. I’m not worried about Jamaica, every campaign has their flubs, especially early on.

Why do flubs only apply to democrats (and libertarians) though? Flubs used to apply to republicans before Trump, now they can say/do whatever they want without consequence.

Horizontal Harris

I don’t feel I really know enough about Hickenlooper to have a reasoned opinion. If he decides to enter I’ll learn more.

Harris is not among my three favorite candidates at the moment, but they’re all out of the running. Anyway, I like her better than I thought I would, and don’t have any reservations about voting for her here.