Democratic Madness, West Final: Castro/Brown

Vote for one of these Democratic primary candidates:

I’ll go for the holder of an elected office over an appointed position, even a very high appointed position. Let’s get Castro some time in the Senate or at least the House, and then take another look at him.

I have to second that. I don’t agree with Brown on most things but preparation and competence matters.

Brown, although I’d worry about losing him from the Senate. He’s smart, determined, likeable, and solid on the issues.

Have nothing against Castro, really. Although if he were the nominee, let’s start a countdown to the rumors Trump et al. would whisper/shout/draw in crayon about his birth certificate or OBVIOUS communist leanings considering he’s probably related to that dude from Cuba.

But the Trumpistas will fling this kinda shit at just about anyone, because they are basically pondscum. (I mean no offense against pondscum. Some, I suppose, is good, presumably.)

Brown. I’d hate to lose the Senate seat and his trade policy bugs me, but Castro isn’t ready for prime time yet.

Castro because I don’t know if another democrat could win OH, but also I’m disappointed when Brown called Medicare for all unrealistic.

I know we might not get it, but I’m tired of democrats giving up before the fight has even begun.

:big sigh: OK, I voted for Sherrod Brown, not because I’m happy with him right now, but because of this reason, and I hate this reason: As an older white man, he will be given less slack than a young person of color. Obama’s administration got away with actual war crimes because too many of us were unwilling to join the apparent racists calling him out.

We have too much crap to fix to have some President using identity politics as a free pass to drop bombs or whatever.

You think whites get less slack?


Obama was attacked for what he looked like so much that it became reflexive to defend him, on the part of everyone sick of the TEA Party nonsense. And then his administration was able to get away with actual human rights violations, up to and including an illegal war in Libya, because all criticism of him was immediately assumed to be partisan &/or racist.