Demolishing a shower is much funner than I thought!

So today I helped my mom fix up her rental house for new tenants. This involved painting the interior and replacing the shower, as well as all the other stuff related to that including masking off stuff (wasn’t too bad actually since she’s getting the carpet/flooring replaced so no problem if we get paint all over it :smiley: )

My mom’s boyfriend was also helping. He told me I could use the paint sprayer, which sounded fun at first but then was just frustrating- I totally suck at getting an even coat, and the new paint is so similar in color to the old coat it was really hard to tell what part of the wall I already did. Meanwhile he was demolishing the tile shower to put in a fiberglass one. At first I thought it would be less (physical) work to paint, since I’m just spraying back and forth. But when we ran out of paint (and I was waiting for my mom to come back with more) I realized how fun the other job was.

I suggested we trade jobs, since he was much better at painting anyway and I was much more enthusiastic about the shower. Man, who knew smashing apart a tile shower could be so much fun! The day progressed with wonton smashing with a sledgehammer, and prying/ripping with a crobar. Chunks of tile and drywall were flying everywhere. It was a blast.

My mom’s boyfriend comes in to see how I’m progressing. I’ve got a corner piece snagged with my claw hammer and with one solid jerk tear the whole strip of metal (along with 14 nails that were attached to it) loose, mangling it so much it looks like it was tied in knots.

“I think you’re having too much fun with this.” he says.
“I think I hear a wall that needs painting,” I reply.

Spent 10 hours doing back breaking labor and had more fun than I have had in a long time :slight_smile:

Yes, demo is a fun part of remodel. But, believe me, the end result gives you a better feeling.

Too bad you hadn’t heard of BathFitter™, since it is a rental you’re preparing.

Just remember to wear safety glasses when smashing tile. It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. And I know to my sorrow that that metal trim has an almost knife-like edge – be careful with it.

BTW, the fun in demo work really starts when you crank up the reciprocating saw and start ripping holes in the walls.

What exactly is a Bathfitter?

By the way the shower is amounting to being a pain in the ass to install because in order to have it fit completely in the space part of a 2x4 will have to be cut out (the shower comes in 2 pieces and the lower piece has a ‘lip’ which causes the shower to jut out about an inch. So we’ll have to cut a notch into the wood where teh lip is hitting) Also the drain doesn’t line up with the shower’s drain-hole :mad:

At least its easier to install a more or less complete fiberglass shower than another tile shower.

Sudden mental image of a Gallagher type wielding a Sledg-O-Matic on crispy fired Chinese food, shards flying like shrapnel… :cool:

It’s okay, Officer. I’m leaving…