Dems who voted against Obamacare

Can anyone explain, to us non Americans, why so many Dems voted with the Pubs to repeal Obamacare?

I happened to see the tally after the vote and was surprised! Why’d they do it? What’s your their motivation?

Where’s the tally, how many were there, and who were they?

It’s a null set. every Democrat voted no.

They didn’t?

Thanks for setting me straight. I obviously misread the graphic I saw, only momentarily, whilst surfing through several channels, yesterday.

Count me relieved to learn all the Dems voted no, because that makes much more sense.

Keep in mind that, sometimes, the leadership will “allow” a House or Senate member to vote against the party if:

  1. They know the vote is going to go a certain way
  2. The person is particularly vulnerable to being unseated in an upcoming election.

Didn’t happen this time, but it’s not unusual at all.