Dennis Hastert: Soros might have made his money in illegal drugs


Good thing Hastert doesn’t hold a position of responsibility, like, say, maker of documentary films. :rolleyes:

From over at Ironic Times:

“Coke Dealers for Truth to run ad against Bush”

It’s got just about as much truth as Michael Moore’s assertions that the Bush family is in cahoots with the Bin Laden family.

It’s an election year, fellas. This is the way the game is played.

Hastert’s an asshole. He’s the one who a few months back said that John McCain doesn’t know anything about sacrifice, in regards to military service. Um, hello? Does the phrase “POW in Vietnam” ring a bell? Happen to notice that McCain doesn’t move the same as most other people? If he’ll sell out a fellow Republican (oh but wait, he’s not a “good” Republican I guess) like that, then expect him to merrily slander people outside the party.

Yeah, but it doesn’t even make sense. I’d have to think dealers like prohibition! Otherwise you got the profit potential of, say, cotton.

And even I know how he made his money, currency speculation.

How do you figure it? At least Michael Moore’s claim is backed with some evidence.

Evidence of what? That they both owned shares in a company that lots of rich people are into but not at the same time? Does that mean that if I had a cut of Enron I was responsible for the activities of Ken Lay?

There’s no evidence. As I said before, there’s a certain scumminess to the Bush family, but lies by inference are lies nonetheless.

Except, of course, for the fact that the Bush family does indeed have extensive contact with the bin Laden family. So you can at least make a circumstancial case. Where is the evidence of Soros’s drug ties?

I realize that being a conservative means that you shouldn’t think critically and just accept what your betters tell you like good little sheep, but come on.

Remind me again which high ranking Democrat has said anything nearly as slanderous?

Quit rationalizing your leaders’ complete lack of character, Airman. It makes you look like a complete tool.

House of Bush, House of Saud: The Secret Relationship Between the World’s Two Most Powerful Dynasties, by Craig UngerHaven’t read the book yet, but there’s the supporting case.

Hastert was obviously winging it, and just had to have had a “What the hell did I just say? How do I get out of this?” moment. But he did say it, and didn’t “clarify” it.

You people amuse me. No sooner did I post this than someone comes around to prove it true.

I. AM. NOT. VOTING. FOR. BUSH. Did you understand that? Does that maybe give you any indication that I don’t consider him to be “my leader”? So how can I be rationalizing for someone whom I don’t support?

My point is that stupid, petty character attacks are de rigeur for election years. If you want to make it more than that, that’s your deal, not mine.

I’m not surprised.

I remember a few years ago there were some in the government – I’d bet that Hastert was among them – who wanted to have Soros indicted on racketeering charges, because he advocates drug legalization.

If he ever does get into legal trouble because of his views on that topic, then we’ll know our freedom is in serious peril.

I said "leaders’ " - the plural was intentional. Hastert and Bush do not march in lock step.

If the quote had come from Anne Coulter or Rush Limbaugh, then yes, I would have shrugged it off. That’s what you expect from those lunatics. But from the Speaker of the House? That’s a new low coming from high-ranking politicians.

Who do you plan to vote for, if you don’t mind me asking? Kerry? The Libertarians?

Kerry. I want my vote to count.

It’s a lesser of the two evils thing.

This is beyond a stupid, petty character attack. This is slander in its most obvious form. I know that it’s hard as hell to take someone to task legally for slander in this country, but I hope Soros hits Hastert with both barrels.

I also hope that the press does its damn job and hounds Hastert until he puts up or apologizes.

Of course, it doesn’t matter; it’s out there. It’s only a matter of time before we start hearing that the Democrats’ issue ads are being funded with George Soros’s drug money.

If you check out , you’ll find that some righty press figures have said things about George Soros that make Hastert’s Big Lie look tame.

And here I thought the Republicans were the party of God. What was that about bearing false witness again?

Some people say that Hastert is a pedophile with a particular fascination for the 7-10 set.

I suspect that’s one of the reason voter turnout is so low at elections. It’s why I and a bunch of other people are fed up with politics as it is. If two candidates are painting each other as scum of the earth, why should a person vote for either of them? I can’t adequately convey to you folks how sick I am of character assassination and appeals to the lowest common denominator. If I could, I’d have started a Pit thread on it long ago.

I vote. I’m a naturalized U.S. citizen, and I’m aware of how much hassle it took for me to earn that privilege, not to mention how much of a struggle it was for women like me to get the right to vote. I’m also curmudgeonly, and I’ve a streak of anarchist. I’ll vote all right, and, thanks to a sappy, patriotic streak worthy of the hardest core political glurge, I’ll probably wear a big, stupid grin for some hours after doing so. Nevertheless, because I’m so fed up with the campaign tactics of both parties, unless things look like they’ll be very close in my state, I’ll be voting Libertarian as usual. I may be disgusted, offended, and fed up, but I’m not beated. As for this protest vote of mine being a lost cause, it won’t be the first one, and I doubt it’ll be the last one. :rolleyes:

OK, the universe is playing jokes on me again. As I added that last :rolleyes:, a political ad I actually liked and completely agreed with came on. This may be a first. :Looks heavenward: I’m still voting Libertarian!

Yes, Ralph Nader stole my vote; he stole it from the Libertarians!

Unbelievable. Do you mean to say that this rapscallion merely muses over an ambiguous accusation pulled out of thin air, and… Can Soros at least sue the man for slander?