What's worth $3.5 million in hush money?

Perhaps you’ve seen the news stories about Denny Hastert, who allegedly agreed to pay a person 3.5 million to keep quiet about something that Hastert did to the blackmailer some years past. If the stories are to be believed, he had already paid out several hundred thousand dollars before being indicted.

We know it wasn’t murder, because the blackmailler was also the victim. Before he got into the Illinois legislature he was a school teacher and sports coach (of which sport, I dunno). This leads me to speculate about sex with minor students. But I have to wonder about what evidence there might be – it must be something pretty substantial to be worth paying that much for.

He was a wrestling coach. Let me show you a new hold, sonny.

“This is called the Moldovan Dick Pinch”.

Not necessarily. Just going public with the claim could be quite damaging, even if they don’t have any evidence to back it up.

It sure sounds like sex with a student. My wife thought maybe the person receiving the money was his illegitimate child.

For $3.5 million, it has to be something mighty serious. I can’t blame Republicans for fearing the worst (or Democrats for gleefully assuming the worst).

Whats worth 3.5 million in hush money?

3.6 million dollars worth of embarrassing info.

I’m thinking the gave a boy some really full Nelsons. I suspect the statute of limitations has expired on any sexual misdeeds.

Sure makes a lot of sense for that amount of compensation.

I’m sure it has. But this has already screwed up his lobbying career. He has resigned from Dickstein Shapiro. I’m not making this up.

It’s kind of bizarre to me that it seems like the payoffs started years after he retired from being Speaker. Wouldn’t the optimal time for blackmail/hush money be while the suspect has the most to lose?

It’s worse. Hastert once favored a tax increase.

High profile people must face threas like that pretty often. I can’t imagine he would have paid out the amounts he’s already paid unless the guy has something concrete – motels receipts, pictures, audio tapes ?? I dunno.

The guy is many times richer after he joined the private sector.

Now this is weird. Someone puts this on the CSPAN website yesterday:

Yep. In addition, I think we tend to leap to the conclusion that the biggest fear guys like Hastert have is losing their jobs. Whatever he is hiding may destroy his personal life.

Are the penalties for blackmailing someone in the federal government potentially more severe than for those in the private sector?

Well, Hastert MAY have been paying off the victim/blackmailer while in Congress. But a well-connected lobbyist like Hastert makes a lot more money than a Congressman, so the payee may have upped the ante.

**What’s worth $3.5 million in hush money? **

A dead girl or a live boy.

It’s interesting that the authorities apparently know who this person is, but so far have not brought any charges against him that I’ve heard about.

I wpmder how one would leagally distinguish blackmail from a contract to repay damages that includes a non-disclosure agreement.